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What a load of rubbish! Don't look now...NPR/BBC has just broadcast a nasty little piece linking Pamela with the Tea Party-Beck Aug 28 DC Rally-Islamophobia and neo-nazis. Some schmuck from Ohio calms to be "monitoring" Ms. Geller and her "radical" connections. Sounds slanderous...and time to bring in the lawyers. Baruch Ha'Shem..we have a few patriots such as Pamela.
"This mode of communication enabled them to pass on messages without fear of interception by the FBI," the report said." Oh, these are brilliant little Jihadis! That mode of communication is the method favoured by the FBI. Leave them to the Pakis, and walk away.
Ahavath Torah is to be commended for having Wafa (and Wilders before her) speak in ultra-liberal Mass. Rabbi and Dr. Jacobs should have spiked the audience with one or two practicing Muslims, it would have enhanced the experience. Seriously.
The FBI-CAIR "ban" was an internet rumour. The Feds were asked to confirm the story as soon as the rumour appeared on the pages of a blog notorious for it's disinformation and fabrications...........they did not confirm the story.
Definitely a heart breaker Dinah.... what a waste. Michael travis
The INTERNATIONAL FREE SPEECH CONFERENCE IN D.C. is open to the public and without charge. Kudos to Pamela and everyone else who has taken the time to defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights. However.... I never expected the MainStreamMedia to cover the conference, but even I am shocked by the fact that [Post]America's bloggers have shunned the event. Time and time again our armchair analysts and loud-mouthed cyber-commentators leave the work of protecting this nation to Pamela and a handful of other patriots. The difference between Pamela and the "Bloggers" is......Pamela Geller is a Journalist and a fearless Patriot. "Bloggers" are neither.
Disgusting! (On the other hand.... there is not a chance on earth that I would be injured by anything containing pork or wildechais.
Chucky-boy has gone after the nation's finest journalists and commentators (Geller & Spencer lead the pack), and has served the cause of barbarism and anti-American jihad as well as any member of Al Qaeda or the Taliban.
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This is about Free Speech (As guaranteed under the US Constitution) and National Sovereignty period! Discussing hearings as published in the US Congressional Record, on a talk show broadcast from Los Angeles, should in no way be any concern to any Canadian person, agency, or institution. Hopefully, "Rachel''s Law" will go federal very soon, until then.....listen to John Jay.
Here.... Read that (From the US Congressional Record) on radio or internet radio, and you too can be sued.
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When Williams was on the George Noory program in question, he basically discussed the Janet Kephart testimony to congress. Thus, we all could be sued in the same manner. Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant will be testifying about these ridiculous laws in Ottawa a special hearing.
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Robert Spencer and his sidekick Pamela have more balls than the rest of US Journalists combined! kol ha'kavod!
Under Canadian Law Jane can sue me for posting the above articles. (You'll have to accept Shekels for a settlement Jane.....I don't deal in dollars.) By the way, McMaster tried to sue little me just for reporting (in the Shalom Toronto Newspaper) that a lawsuit against Williams even existed!
Ezra Levant on Jennifer Lynch, the chief commissar of the CHRC (Canadian Human Rights Commission); "What a classless, bitter, paranoid woman. But I don't take it personally; Lynch has seven employees who are members of neo-Nazi organizations; it's simply her survival instinct kicking in. Seriously: if you had seven neo-Nazi members working for you, would you want to appear in the same room as a Jew like me who actually cares about anti-Semitism? It could put her in a tough spot."
Led by the Chinese but including intelligence officers from at least 20 nations including allies, the book says, the infiltrators are stealing an estimated $20 billion to $30 billion annually worth of cutting-edge research in products and technologies, other scientific, business and military know-how and political secrets. Others, it says, are infiltrating ethnic communities, suppressing criticism of homeland governments, recruiting industrial spies, stoking political violence among the diaspora and operating front companies and political lobbies aimed at manipulating government policies. Proportionately, it estimates more spies operate here than in the U.S... "The spies who love us" (Ottawa Citizen, thanks Chris Arkenberg!)
Jane- The situation at McMaster has been documented by Sean Michaels of Global National Vancouver, the OPP, and many others...including myself. Please watch Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs this week. You are not helping the situation. Canada is apparently a hive of foreign spies and Ottawa is "crawling with them," according to an Ottawa Citizen article about a new book, titled Nest of Spies. The book was written by an investigative journalist and a former intelligence officer with the RCMP Security Service and Canadian Security Intelligence Service. If the article is any indication, this book is just laden with intrigue and scandal. For example, it claims that 1970s/1980s Russian hockey star Vladislav Tretiak was also a spy "talent scout," recruiting new secret agents for the Soviet Union. From the Ottawa Citizen:
In a nutshell: Dr. Paul Williams quoted the congressional testimony of Attorney Janice L. Kephart of the 9/11 Commission, while being interviewed by George Noory on the Coast to Coast-AM radio show (broadcast from Los Angeles California). This is about Freedom of Speech and the 1st Amendment.
This is ridiculous! P.C., Statist, infantile Post-American at it's mindless worst. Rifqa is Seventeen years old. She can enlist in the military, pay taxes etc. This is no child, she deserves to have her wishes respected without the dog and pony show that she has been forced to participate in. Her so called "parents" should be departed ASAP. (And they can take the rest of their "community" with them when the leave.) Peace
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2009 on Assclowns On Parade at Atlas Shrugs
Baruch Ha'Shem Pamela Geller! I haven't the words .... you are the best and blessed.
Because of Pedophilia, Because of Islam, Because of Pedophilia, Because of Islam, Because of Pedophilia. It's the same. Pedophilia is Islam.
Nice blog! Keep up the good work. Visit us too.
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Hi forgot this one; Todah, Michael
Television News has made a major jump in credibility! Kol Ha'Kavod Pamela!
Toggle Commented May 3, 2009 on Red Eye Atlas Highlights at Atlas Shrugs
Is this some sort of Obama.Gov bloody joke??? The Jamaat Al Fuqra camps in the USA have been documented with photos and detailed descriptions, many times, and exclusively, on the pages of ATLAS SHRUGS. Others have published armchair-conjecture or anecdotal analysis regarding these outposts of Islamic terror,,,,but none have stepped foot inside the compounds. Recently, we have discovered that the demographics of the Gilani Camps have changed significantly. We have also been advised of two new camps in the Southern and Eastern states of the USA. Our visit to the Jammat Al Fuqra settlement in Commerce Georgia last week revealed even more cause for concern. We are awaiting the processed 35mm photographs now. Search Atlas Shrugs for "Islamberg" & "Redhouse", along with "Jamaat Al Fuqra".......Pamela is years ahead of the Mac-Daddy's press releases. Peace.