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Love this post! And believe it or not, I actually got goosebumps when I read the part about you closing the book, because at that point, I was imagining the scene on the porch, and the magic that happens between audience and performer. (In this case, reader and listener.) The entrainment that occurs in those moments is so rich, and mysterious. When I spend time with people (if we're not talking about our kids!) I want to make something, want to create, and I think the reason for that is to share the kind of experience you wrote about. For some reason, lots of reasons, I guess, that doesn't happen much with my family—except with my son—but I wish it did. My son is seven, and I read to him every night. Sometimes, he reads to me. Reading aloud is such a different experience than reading silently, and I’m so happy that my son is discovering how much fun it is to feel the words in his mouth. To enunciate them, and even read them with a different accent! I’m thrilled that he already knows how much fun it is to play with words.
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Apr 10, 2013