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Because Korean kids are being hurt of hearing some Korean men raped Japanese girls after WWII? It is strange to hear from Koreans because they are demanding public schools in CA to teach kids that Japanese were rapists. A lot of Japanese women fled from Korean peninsula were pregnant as the result of raping. Some of the women committed suicide when they arrived at Hakata port. Abortion was illegal at the time but doctors wanted to prevent the women to kill themselves so they set up an abortion clinic called "Futsukaichi Hoyojo". There was no anesthesia because of lack of supplies but the operation was continued until late 1947. If you want to see actual photos of the clinic, visit here Testimonies Mass raping of Japanese refugees in Korea after... 投稿者 pccnt It is Koreans who can't face bad side of the history. "Lai Daihan" as well.
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May 2, 2013