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Prayers to our God
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Oct 29, 2011
That was 10 months ago... when are you quitting?
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See the pict of rocks? My desire is that the Lord would use me by making me solid for him, like a "rock"... Love Him, He is so good. Praise His most precious, holy and wonderful name. So good on a Sunday morning to be in prayer before church... Father please make me faithful in doing that.
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The WORD! via Well, here it is March 13 and you can see how far I got!! Busy, busy... new floors on Thursday (2800) I really like them. It is kind of a guilt trip because I know I should give more to those who need it instead of... Continue reading
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And this training from a dad whose dad went to heaven and wasn't able to teach his son. JP's dad a smart, loving self trained father. It is a God thing. How sweet it is. When you know Jesus, it all falls into place.
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Luke 7:35 "But wisdom is justified by all her children" This was said when Christ compared John the Baptist ("came neither eating bread or drinking wine, and you say 'he has a demon'")... to the Son of Man ("has come eating and drinking") hence Luke 7:35--"Wisdom is justified by ALL her children." We as believers, need to recognize that God uses the wisdom- His wisdom to glorify Himself- He uses many different individuals with many different gifts- we must be careful if we judge.... Use His gift of discernment.
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Jun 9, 2010
Looks like the beginning of a blog I finally need to keep updating. My favorite place in the world? Israel and all the places where our Jesus walked. Favorite person? Oh yes, Jesus Christ. Help me to be honoring HIM.
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AMEN...... It is in God's hands and rightly so. He will prevail.
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Well said. I too was encouraged that the ballot questions were even there. I have not seen the results.
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I am thinking that one of the Hammers furry ones passed on about the same day. Something in the water? We must be careful. Are you replacing the demised? Love you and miss you.
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Great picts. I love that little guy!
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Great pictures...! I love to watch my granddaughters dance. They love it so!
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Why doesn't that picture surprise me?
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Dear Maggie, Looks like you had a great birthday celebration. Have something for you and will get it to you this week. love you, Mimi
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