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I was a free concert recently and they had a banner with a phone number on it that allowed people to text a donation to the event. Now I realize that there is some service behind this transaction and it's probably geared toward fund-raising but it makes me wonder if there was a way to do this for tipping as well (a la street performers). Enhance the transaction with a small screen that thanked donators in real-time. It may encourage others in the crowd to do the same.
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Makes me wonder if there's an opportunity here to provide a special streaming service specifically for the "influencers" who want early or special access to artist content. Imagine bringing all the indie labels together to provide exclusive content and commentary to those of us who care about it. I'd certainly pay a subscription for it. Make the quality of the content better than Spotify and it's a no-brainer.
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2014 on The Rise Of Indie Streaming at hypebot
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Sep 17, 2014