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Robert, Nothing provocative in my references to US policy. There are no 'expanding settlements' in Judea, Samaria or Jerusalem. You should really bone up on the history of the region and the Jewish claim to palestine (firmly established in law in the early 1900s after the Jews helped finance the allied cause in WWI). After doing so, you'll reach the unavoidable conclusion: your slander of Jews living under Jewish sovereignty on land that belongs to the Jews is predicated on either an ignorance of the law or perhaps on some deeply held religious tenets rendered invalid by the existence of Jews living under Jewish sovereignty. You are also implying that the creation of states for sharia on land that legally belongs to the Jews is somehow better than the opposite (creating states for Jews). Look around: the Jews are givers, and provided the legal framework that was cherished by the founders of this country. Sharia, currently espoused and inflicted by the current US government, is a freedom removal ideology causing death and pain to millions. It's not the Jews that are driving the Christians out of Iraq and Afghanistan. It's the Jewhaters that are installed and propped by those at the top. Why in the world would anyone want to take land from the Jews and give it to the Jewhaters, in light of this? And make no mistake, Israel is a safehaven for the Christians, B'hai, and antifascist Muslims of the region.
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Mr. Mulvey, Your conspiracy theories could not have a lesser basis in reality. "foreign policy seeing the Islamic Middle East as a danger to the existence of Israel." The US government has been attacking secular regimes, including that of Israel, with jihadists for over 30 years, and has had the objective of replacing secularism with Islamic fanaticism repeatedly. Were your theories correct, you'd be able to point to multiple orthodox Jewish states that the US government has created. Alas, we merely have the ultra Islamist Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan...
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2012 on Adolf Assad at Mail Online - Thomas Fleming
Mr. Lindsay, How does it benefit Israel to force the US to use Islamist mercenaries whilst creating ethnically clean Judenrein states? Are you serious in your statements, or are you merely trying to deflect away from the policies of US leaders by blaming Jews?
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Dec 2, 2009