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TPTB hate the notion of HBD becoming popular. But the difference from the 90s is they feel much more threatened by it (and other notions) so they don't fight it openly with ridicule, they simply bury it (that is different from ignoring it). They need to attack and repress the messengers because they are unable to fight the message. This imply they are unable to keep converting people to their belief and more and more people accept the other belief as self evident. Rutheford said something about "progress moving from funeral to funeral".
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I would point out that, in Italy, it is not uncommon for the police to seize hand grenade, portable anti-tank rockets and likes. The Mafia have no problem to smuggle a few weapons when they are able to smuggle tons of drugs. And with the drug money they are able to buy help and blindness. The smugglers in Puglia had armored SUV in a way to be able to throw out of their way the cars of the police. Gun control never prevented the smugglers from procuring big armored SUV, hand grenade, Anti-Tank missiles, military guns and rifles and likes. There is no need for the low IQ people to be able to procure or smuggle the weapons, they just need to be able to pay for them. Other people with higher IQ will solve the problem for them, for a fee.
The description of his behavior from Richard Novia is interesting like the description of his facial features that link to FAS. Apparently he was behaving like a psychotic or schizophrenic. The strong anxiety is linked to FAS as the anafectivity (inability to feel emotions). Maybe also the analgesia. But many of these people simply have a very high threshold for pain and simply don't think before doing something. So, with time, they become accustomed to pain normal people would scream out their lungs. I had a patient with the FAS traits described able to beat his head on a door to shrug off the effects of the drugs we gave him (so he feel pain). When we brought him to a surgeon, to sew his eye brown, he didn't blink for all the procedure without any type of anesthesia. BTW, he was a violent SOB stupid like a hammer but from a high IQ father.
People here continue to misunderstand Intelligence. Lanza could be intelligent and psychotic at the same time. The condition don't always reduce the mental performance immediately when it show up. If he had delusions of persecution, he could have accumulated weapons to defend himself. The same could be said of his mother (psychiatric conditions often are inherited). The problem is not in his intelligence level but in his inability to feel emotion correctly, control them, criticize his own mental process and so on. What could have probably cause the killing spree is the fact the mother allegedly started to ask authorities to forcibly treat his son for his psychiatric problems. She probably did it because the behavior of his son was out of any control (I would bet she was beaten by him more than one time). He discovered her actions and acted out, killing her. Then, probably, he went to discharge all his rage and frustration on the second target of his hate: the school / classroom that kept his mother from him. This is not so strange for symbiotic couples (usually mother/son or mother/daughter) when they are separated for some reason.
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Il fatto che si tenda ad accumulare rende bitcoin un modo di risparmiare senza dover usare le banche e le monete fiat: se usassi delle monete d'oro per risparmiare, queste si rivaluterebbero con il tempo in modo simile. Dato che le banche hanno smesso di pagare un qualsiasi interesse sui depositi e l'interesse delle loro obbligazioni è, al massimo, pari all'inflazione perché lasciare sul conto più di quello che è necessario per le necessità di pagamento mensili? Non c'è ragione. Rispetto all'oro e all'argento i bitcoin hanno il vantaggio di permettere pagamenti a distanza molto rapidi e sicuri in barba a sanzioni, leggi e leggine (c'è un esempio di una famiglia iraniana che è riuscita a trasferire denaro al figlio in Canada usando bitcoin, nonostante le sanzioni. Il tutto in meno di un'ora (un bonifico legale richiede giorni); in un'ora hanno trasformato US$ in Iran in C$ in Canadà - in modo irreversibile e sfuggendo ad ogni sorveglianza governativa, senza passare per una qualsiasi istituzione bancaria. Una volta testata e constatata l'efficienza del sistema, perché tornare indietro e non usarlo sempre?
Nel frattempo: Brescia, Gdf sequestra 21 money transfer Questo avrà lo stesso effetto della "War on Drugs" / Proibizionismo: spingerà moltissima gente ad usare Bitcoin per trasferire potere d'acquisto a livello internazionale. Ma, più gente usa bitcoin, più valore viene trasferito usando bitcoin, più il sistema diventa efficiente (effetto rete - il valore della rete cresce con il quadrato dei nodi). Non solo, più i bitcoin diventano usabili e usati dalla gente comune, più le monete fiat perdono potere di acquisto. Non solo abbiamo denaro che perde di valore continuamente, a causa dell'inflazione (cioè a causa del fatto che le Banche Centrali stampano denaro senza limiti di sorta), ma abbiamo anche un mucchio di restrizioni su come usiamo il denaro che ci appartiene e, in futuro saranno anche di più. Perché dovrei usare un formato di musica con i DRM quando posso usare un formato senza? perché dovrei guardare un video con DRM quando posso guardare lo stesso video senza? Perché dovrei usare un software proprietario quando posso fare lo stesso lavoro con uno open source e free? Perché dovrei usare una moneta che si svaluta e che viene controllata da altri quando posso usare una moneta che non si svaluta e non è controllata da nessuno?
He was assigned to psychological operations associated with a special operations unit. Page rose to the rank of sergeant while in the Army, but was given a dishonorable discharge in 1998 and reduced in rank to a specialist for acts of misconduct. U.S. officials told NBC News the misconduct was connected to a drinking problem. Page served in the Army from April 1992 through October 1998 (so from 20 to 26 years old). I would suggest he had a problem controlling emotions like anxiety and rage and used to drink to try to control them (not a good idea in the long term). The band and extremists politics were used to justify and vent his rage against others. He, probably, needed something justifying and channeling his rage against some targets. Real Nazists have sometimes "warm" relations with Muslims Extremists (they are so similar and have common roots) so he probably knew Sikhs are not Muslims. If Nazi ideology have something to do with the targets choice, it is probably the economic success of Sikhs the reason of his rage against them and his reason to kill them in their spiritual center. He, a failed man, vented his rage against a successful community of foreigners striving to conduct an exemplary life. Probably the girlfriend dumping him was the last straw breaking his will to live. He went there to kill and be killed.
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Sorry, but you get it wrong. The problem is not the MP5, it is the mentality of the cops (supported by judges, media and politicians). Cops are there to investigate crimes. They are no more entitled to shot someone escaping than any other civilian. A soldier on the battleground? He can shot the fugitive because he is not surrendering himself and, on the battleground he is a enemy by default. The point is cops should not go around with machine guns or rifles. A gun is enough for their job if they are not expecting a confrontation with armed people. The 02 AM warrant service, in home, with wife and children inside, without an emergency situation, is criminal disregard of human life. You doesn't serve a warrant at night when other options are available. The only reason to serve at night is to earn the overtime pay. You don't shot people in the back when there is no weapon in sight only because you are afraid. It is not a battleground. If police want behave like it is a battleground, they must not be surprised when someone will be so pissed off to start filing contracts on the heads of the policemen and their families. William Roper: So, now you give the Devil the benefit of law! Sir Thomas More: Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil? William Roper: Yes, I'd cut down every law in England to do that! Sir Thomas More: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned 'round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man's laws, not God's! And if you cut them down, and you're just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I'd give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety's sake!
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@The Real Vince "First, Holmes was a loner, not at all connected to the criminal underworld. He ordered a lot of his shit off the Interwebs." Because it was easy, not because he would not be able to buy them there. In a jailed criminal survey (in the US), the large majority of them admitted to have owned a gun (for self protection, usually) at least one time during their life. They bought/obtained them from friends, relatives or accomplices in the great majority of the case. And it was easy. With hundreds of $ available Holmes would be able to do the same. "Second, it's not easy to build a gun. Though Holmes' intelligence has probably been exaggerated by the media, the typical criminal is dumb." The dumbs usually buy stuff from others. In this regard, we all are "dumbs" because we can not know how to do all things. So we specialize. Dumb alcoholics don't know how to make booze, they buy it. They bough it during Prohibition. Not dumb people liking booze buy it from others because they don't bother to know how to do it. But there are many kits around to do your beer, wine or high grade drinks. **The same is true for firearms. Any person handy with common tools can make a fully automatic weapon.** "The typical violent criminal is also impulsive. Most murders are unplanned. Can you connect the dots here?" Most murders are unplanned but not unforeseen by the perpetrators. If a burglar enter an inhabited home, with a gun or another weapon, he is already accounting for a clash with the people in the home. He is not, probably, there to kill, but he is already ready to do so if expedient or needed. If he is not willing to kill, he would not bring a weapon with him. The scope of a typical violent person is the same if he bring a knife, a club or his bare hands. They are usually violent with people weaker than them. Rarely they are violent with people stronger than them (because dumb or not they learn to respect people meaner and stronger than them after a beating or two or not survive in a single piece). Even nuts, certified psychiatric cases, learn it. The only to be unable to restrain themselves are the ones totally out of this reality. "How many people did he kill with his bombs?" How many would have he killed if he was forced to use bombs instead of firearms for his attack? In Italy (not exactly violent like the US, or better, the inner city and ghetto US), we have a total ban on carry gun (it is a bit more relaxed with gun at home). To carry a gun is unheard apart for specific classes job related. There are 10 millions (2010) of legally registered firearms in 5 millions homes in Italy (and a lot of unregistered). But only 45.000 carry permits and 900.000 permits for hunting or sport. The right of self defense is very limited. You know? Many maniacs/ lone terrorists simply moved to explosives:,_2009#October "Italy A Libyan man, Mohamed Game, tried to bring a bomb into a Carabinieri barracks in Milan" A DIY bomb made in the bathroom by a intelligent (and poor) libyan.
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2012 on James Holmes and gun control at Half Sigma
"But you'd think that a guy who was adopted would be born from natural parents who were a single mother and an alpha-male father" Not, usually for psychiatric patients it happen when they feel the urge to have sex. Women in a maniacal episode would have sex with whoever is available at the moment. I know a patient with three children with different fathers. All conceived during maniacal episodes. God be blessed, many drugs used in psychiatry reduce the fertility and the sex drive, because the idea of a child inheriting the genes of the mother and the father (usually not much better) is revolting. Worse is when the social services try to see if the mother and the father are able to care for the new born. Then they are forced to take him away. Then they give it up in adoption to the first sucker their are able to find. And hope the mother didn't drink or smoke heavily during the pregnancy. [HS: Yet another reason why we need abortion.]
The ban of gun was stupid and is stupid. People interested in owning gus (like Holmes) could find them anyway or, just because he is a smart guy, build them. It is easy to machine a gun. There are book about how to build a sub-machine gun with a normal metal workshop available in any place. And Holmes could have used many other ways to kill people: flamethorwers. It is easy to build one. You just need two containers for the fuel, a natural gas canister for the pressure, tubes and the "gun handle" is the more complex part (just a bit more complex than an aeroghraph). If he had built a flamethorwer he would have killed half of the people inside and burned a lot of them forever. He built a lot of bombs. Is lawful to build and own bombs? He could not buy them, so he built them. And they didn't detonate only because the police or anyone open the door before the shooting. If had no gus, he would have used a bomb to hit the movie theater. Hell, if he was able to open the security door and recover his arsenal he could be able to open the door and throw a few bombs around (ops. He did with smoking bombs). Hey, he could have used a 3d printer to print a gun: Banning guns is worse than banning drugs and have worse consequences. People, now, is able to brew their drugs and will be able to print their guns. Prohibition only select for the most vicious to traffic and own what is prohibited. Security is not Safety. Gun ownership is safety. If all have a gun, who misuse a gun will face many people using their gun to restrain him. Security is banning gun and hoping the ban is respected and enforced every time, every where for every one. Armed NAMs are not a problem for you. Disarmed whites and Asians are.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2012 on James Holmes and gun control at Half Sigma
This guy could had a few psychotic episodes gone undetected or untreated. It is not uncommon for the first episode to be untreated because the familiars or the school misunderstand what is really happening. Social retreat is a symptom of a psychosis but it is easy to be mistaken for a trait of the character. It is not "I like to be left alone for long time periods", because a healthy man will be able to be with other people if needed. A psychotic is unable to adapt and be in tune with the environment around him. He could be able to endure it for a few day or week, then he explode. If there is a mental problem this doesn't make him incompetent or unable. If he believe to be the Joker, this doesn't make him incompetent, because he knew the Joker actions would be wrong, evil and against the law. A girl would not make a lot of difference in his behavior (apart from being the first victim or rat him out). The fact he acted as he acted is, IMHO, because the society and culture at large made "acceptable" in his mind to behave as he behave. It gave the mold he used to give form to his insanity acting out. If he was born in Saudi Arabia, he would volunteer to be a suicide bomber and in other cultures and times he would have killed himself in other ways or killed someone other in different ways.
Sorry, it is not "hate", it is "fear". Elite liberals fear the Asians because Asian are able to out-compete them. This is because they need quotas of Blacks and Hispanics. The favor the latter to exclude the former. Blacks and Hispanics are not a real danger to their control of Academia. The distribution of IQ in NAMs in Academia guarantee the number of NAMs with an IQ high enough to outcompete the white liberals is tiny. With East Asians this is not true.
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Any man who fancies teenage girls should be required to read the entire set of "Twilight" books. Cruel and unusual punishment are against the law.
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[HS: What about Shaka Zulu?] Shaka Zulu (I remember the TV drama about him of the '80) was an exception of the rule and, in the end, was killed by other components of his family. He moved the Zulu warriors to the level of Roman legionaries. The problem he didn't was able to build a social and political system able to survive him. Like Alexander. He was the best leader of all times in Africa. But a single Alexander will never be able to compensate for the limits of the people he rule.
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A nurse (like me) can work in many different settings and a few of them are pretty packed of the males. ICUs have more men because they are more technicals (lot of machines, sensors, protocols). Psychiatry is also a sector filled by many male nurses (you could understand why). In psychiatric wards the males are better to be also men and the women usually have some interesting attributes in common with men (but not in common with males). The females also appreciate and respect a lot more the males for their contribution.
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@goddinpotty I hate you. I was able to remove from my mind the fact Battlefield Earth was filmed. It took years to be able to forget it.
Wood with rugs. In Italy carpeting (here we call it moquette) is very rarely used at home and rarely used at offices. Low cost/old home have tiles or marble like this. I never hear any woman appreciate carpeting and many openly despise it for its dirtiness. Usually wood is reserved for the bedrooms. Marble for the living room, tiles for bathroom and cooking room. Here having carpeting in your home is like walking around your home in your pants. Iit is automatically suspect.
The MSM wrote about the racial side of the killings: black (Caribbeans), north Africans, Jews. This is the narrative the like. Had they wrote about the religious side the picture would be immediately different as the suspected: one Muslim black, two Muslim north African, all of them French soldiers, Jews. This is the narrative they don't like.
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@halfsigma The "modern far-right of Europe" is far only in its unwillingness to bow to PC and Multicultism and accept the replacement of the European populations with some omogeneized, nationless, familyless bowing to Bruxelles. The Lega Nord (Italy), La Destra (Italy), the VVP of Wilders in Holland and others are pretty liberalist in matter of personal freedom and economics. A threat for the statalists, crypto-socialists we have everywhere in the government and in all mainstream political parties. And they are gaining votes every turn or force their points in the national agenda and in the programs of other parties. The real neo-Nazists are a small number of losers misfits very fragmented. And, not strangely, they sometimes have relations with Islamists groups and some extremist Leftists groups. Indeed all of them are interested in a government able to impose their rule on all the people unwilling.
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Palin/Giuliani 2012? Heads could explode for less of this.
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What is need is to be able to recover a biological sample of Obama or his children, a sample from the Dunham family and a sample from an Obama and from Davis son. 23andMe would need 300$ for analysing them. Cross the data and something interesting will come out.
John jay, I have translated your post (with a link here and attribution) and published it to my blog. Hope this don't upset you.
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Moving the thermometers away from the air vents would help to reduce the temperatures. Also, moving them away from car parking lots, building, etc. would be useful.
Bush is stupid, Reagan was stupid, Churchill was a drunkard, Berlusconi is stupid, Thatcher was stupid, Bossi is stupid and ignorant (I'm italian). The only intelligent are in the left? I know a bunch of people with M.D. and they are ignorant as goats out of their sector and their interests. It is not surprising. Politicians are ignorant as much, only in different ways than others. A POTUS, like any good politician, don't need to be super intelligent. It need to be honest and psychically stable. 110-120 IQ is good enough. Higher you risk to have smart fools. It would be appreciable if a politician had a good education, but for what the US system give out you are better to settle with a Palin than an Ivy League lawyer.
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