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uk better wake now....before they will speak only arabic. those liberals need to be in one place....Jail!!!!! or 6 feet under.what the hell Britons are thinking?
America is in troubles....hussein obama is NOT American ...He is commiting Treason on a Daily bases.I wonder why military doesnt take him to Jail?
Maybe all,those who support Israel,need tO MOVE TO ISRAEL? Did you thought about that?
To all my friemds here: REGARDLESS what "rotten' sheep - americans liberal, Misguided Jews will do or think,Israel will survive and those who are /were opposing will be punished ,they better start reading prophecies in Torah,the Bible too.Please watch it...and that will answer you too to a many questions:
My dear friend ,in reference of your" Israel was NOT created by a conscience-stricken "world," it was RE-created by courageous and desperate Jews--for the 3d time in 3,000 years" i need to correct you. Israel became a State in 1948 ,by the resolution in UN. that is a political fact,we all know that Israel exists over 3000 years...but as a ,it was re born (by G-d's wish and a Prophecy in Torah ),in Month Iyar 1948.everything that was prophetical in Torah,came alive up till today,good and bad. Pls watch that video from my page and listen to Hatikvah
Thank you all:0 i ment every word i wrote..! I am a proud Jew,an Israeli,an American..I love Israel,i'll give my life to defend it as i did in 1973 Kipur war,while serving IDF. I hate the fact that American Liberal Democrats Jews forgot WHO THEY ARE and where are their roots. Without Israel they would be as German Jews in Germany! No shame , for a Muslim Obama!!!Anti Semite,Anti Israel!!! They shouldn't say:" Next Year in Jerusalem" ,they are NOT welcome there anymore.
my suggestion - move out! let them be lke any other death invaded African country...till the burn each other
Open letter to my Jewish brethrens Until recently those of us who were saying that President Obama is not a friend of Israel were ridiculed and laughed at. See how sweet he talks about Israel? See how he swears that Israel is America s best friend? See how many Jewish members of congress are behind him? See how many rabbis are praising him? See how many Jewish votes he gets? Yes, I see,I saw. I am amazed, perplexed and disgusted at the same time. My question to my brothers is very simple are you crazed, blind, deaf or is self-preservation that deeply rooted in you? I do not see any other explanations of why you would love, adore, cherish and praise Obama after what he is doing to us and to our nation. Yes, we are Americans first, but Israel is where our roots are, where our religion started, where legends were born, where for thousands of years our dreams lived. Next year in Jerusalem was what our grandfathers were saying to bear the unbearable life they lived. How will you feel after *Ahmadinejad** *nukes Israel while America is looking the other way? The Obama White House will of course strongly condemn this terrible and barbaric deed while thinking that now their relations with the Muslim world will not be spoiled by this insignificant country called Israel. This is obviously insignificant for Obama, but very significant for me. My Parents "rest in piece" there, my sister's family lives there,my friends. And it is significant for millions of Christians, who are much more vocal in defending Israel than most of us, Jews. Maybe all the brave Jews have left America? Maybe only the weak and the cowardly remain? Will you, my Jewish brothers, feel guilty even for a second if Israel disappears from the map? If it will be overrun by Muslims, the blood of killed Jews will be on our hands as well. What will you say to yourself to excuse your silence? For how long will you be in sorrow? Until the next appearance of your new God Obama? Or it is Marx? Lenin? Mao? Who is it this time? David Axelrod? Rahm Emanuel? Let me repeat to you what you yourself know very well. Israel was created in 1949 by the United Nations because six million Jews were killed by Germans > and German sympathizers. The world for a brief moment felt guilty and decided to create a home for the Jewish people. Starting from its formation in 1949 Israel has fought for its existence against all its neighbors with population of about hundred times larger than Israel. Those nations have resources that are about a thousand times richer than Israel, except for one small insignificant thing called gray cells. Here Israelis finally having an advantage over their enemies. Jews are by far best researchers in the world, best chess players in the world, best mathematicians, physicians, electronic experts, and as a matter of fact are great doctors, musicians, legal experts and to their own surprise superb military strategists. Israel has never initiated any wars with its neighbors. Israel however is constantly attacked and provoked by each and every one of its neighbors and other anti-Semitic countries of the region and outside. Can you imagine that in your city or hometown on average there are two or three rockets and bombs a day going off and killing your children? How you would react? Would you be demanding from your government and generals to stop this every day massacre? Would you be calm and live happy life in between explosions? Israel signed dozens of treaties, each and every time the other side breached every agreement that was ever signed. Israel wants peace. It wants to raise their kids, swim in warm waters of the Mediterranean, worship their God and create new electronic gadgets and cures for thousands of illnesses. The neighboring countries want to erase Israel and its population from the face of the earth. They said it thousands of times and repeat at every festive occasion. Israel is the size of Los Angeles County. Its neighbors proved several times that when they occupy hills at the Israeli border, every car and train that goes between Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is a subject of an artillery or rocket attack. It is impossible to live in Israel if the heights on the borders are in the hands of Arabs. Millions of Muslims live in Israel; they vote, they are members of the parliament, practice their religion and travel abroad. They even give speeches about how terrible their life is under Israeli occupation. No one yet was punished for those speeches they constantly repeat on Israeli television. Muslims are lawyers, physicians, teachers and business people who have in Israel equal right with Jews. Go to Israel and see for yourself. No Jew however can peacefully live on a territory of any neighboring Muslim country. Such a Jew will be killed, tortured, his family will be raped and crucified and their home destroyed. It was done thousands upon thousands of times. No proof needed any more. There are no Jews in Lebanon, Syria or Jordan. They all left or were killed. There is a territory now called Palestine. It was once part of Jordan, but after several attacks by Arabs on neighboring Israeli villages, the territory was taken by Israelis and now is under Israeli control. Israel agreed to return most of it back to Arabs, but it will never return the hills on the borders to Arabs. It would be suicidal. Israel will not build a wall dividing its capitol in two parts. It is the capitol of their state. Can you imagine your sworn enemy occupying half of Washington DC, and teaching their children that for every American killed they will be awarded (72 ) seventy two virgins and 300 young boys by the mighty God? Israel will not stop breathing, producing, creating, living. Israel will never give up its right to be a nation under God, equal with other nations, with the same rights that other nations have. Obama demands that Israel stop building homes on its own territories, in its own capitol and within its own Jewish neighborhoods. Even Arab leaders never asked Israel to stop building housing in Jerusalem. Palestinians have never ever demanded as a pre-condition to any negotiations to stop construction in Israeli neighborhoods. The first one to demand construction of housing in Jerusalem to stop was the mighty President of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama. Now Palestinian leaders, in order not to look less demanding than American president, insist on freezing construction in Jerusalem. Jews can't stop building homes for their own citizens. Palestinians can't now drop this demand. This ends any possible peace accord or even negotiations. That is not a simple flop in Obama s foreign policy. It is a manmade disaster. And we know which man has created it. When Obama did a similarly unwise move for the first time, we all thought that he did it because of his inexperience in International affairs. When a person whom everyone calls smart does it for the second time, we understand that it is done intentionally. There are a couple of possible explanations of what those intentions can be. All of the possible explanations are ugly. I however am not discussing Obama or his policies. I am talking to you, Jews for Obama. We are demanding that moderate Muslims condemn terrible acts of their fanatical brethren. Isn t it about time you come out of your closets and condemn actions of your wonderful progressive president who is destroying our best ally, the only democracy in the middle east, a country populated by children and grandchildren of those who was burned in Hitler's crematoriums and by those who were silent, who looked the other way when Hitler was killing six million Jews? There are exactly six million Jews in Israel now. Where are you, why you are not all over this new Holocaust? Iran has promised to nuke Israel out of existence the moment they are able to. They will be able to very soon. Obama will not stop Iran and will not help Israel to prevent it from happening. It was you who said Never again! You keep saying that every Passover. It is about to happen again and now with your help. Raise your voices! Get out of hiding! Say no to Obama. Say, Mr. President, you will lose our votes and our support. You will lose us if you will sell Israel for Arab's oil, or for whatever it is you want them to give you in exchange. If you think that when you will sell Israel, the Arabs will become our friends, think again. Maybe they will be your friends Mr. President, but not America s friends. America is the Great Satan they are fighting with. You will sell our friends and bombs will come to our doorsteps. Popularity of Obama in Israel dropped from (70% )seventy percent year ago to (7%)seven per cent twelve months after the inauguration. Jerusalem Post wrote that it falling deeper and deeper and now is about ( 4%)four percent. Tell your brothers,sisters who live in Israel, tell all your relatives and friends, to all Israelis that you never raised your voice because of political correctness, (pure socialist brainwash) . Tell them that their lives are not that important for you to speak up. Or do not say anything at all. ........... Go to your bedroom and put your head under a pillow. And feel sorry for yourself! May G-d have a mercy on you....
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Mar 27, 2010