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What is most interesting to me, (I'm one of the blogs you link to above,) is how quickly I have been labeled as a defender of Teachout'd article, or even somebody who wants to stifle new voices, (very strange since I'm a playwright myself.) I found Terry's article interesting in light of some discussions and arguments that went around the Boston theatre scene a few years ago. Like everybody else in the blogosphere, I saw quickly that there were obvious gaps in the TCG data. So, I have been slowly putting together my own spreadsheet of productions in the Boston area from the 1999-2000 season to the 2009-2010 season. I excepted Shakespeare. Two things emerged very quickly. #1 Some of the playwrights Terry was saying were neglected have actually received a high rate of production here in Boston. (Chekhov leads productions.) #2 New Plays outnumbered classics. Those trends have continued as my list has grown. I have the latest stats here
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