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He always struck me as an intelligent and well thought out writer. I certainly found his comments and posts interesting and enlightening. The world will certainly be a poorer place without him. My condolences to all who knew him.
Col. Lang, VK is VKontakte, it is essentially Russian facebook.
Good sir, if you decide to retire from this it will truly be a shame. I've learned much from you over the years.
I remember with the "Hammer's Slammers" science fiction series that the tanks that the Slammers use would have an automated anti-aircraft automatic weapon mounted on top of them. I wonder if that might be the way of the future, some sort of gun based SHORAD on valuable armored vehicles? If done right it could double as an APS that could target things like incoming ICM shells before they release their bomblets.
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He will be missed, whenever he wrote here it was interesting and eloquent. Rest in peace good sir.
Toggle Commented May 10, 2020 on Richard Sale - In Memoriam at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Col. Lang, I work in a pharmacy in NYC, such things as hand sanitizers, wet wipes and isopropyl alcohol have been impossible to procure here, in some cases for the past few weeks. It has gotten particularly bad now that people have become aware of the disease being in the vicinity. I would advise of being sure that you have enough of such things for months. One of my coworkers also works for the city's OEM and figures this coronavirus pandemic will last for "6-7 months". Best of luck to both you and your wife, hopefully the efforts to contain this will be successful in the US.
The Mahdi Army is reportedly being reactivated, presumably they have some more combat experience now thanks to the ISIS war. We have some 5,000 troops in the country and God knows how many citizens there along with whatever we have in Syria. The Iranians are pissed and want their revenge. The Iraqis are pissed too as is Hezbollah I'd imagine. I fear that this is going to be bad. What the hell was Trump thinking...
Most look to be AT-4 and AT-5, one towards the end might be an AT-14. None of them are shoulder fired.
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Against missiles and drones it should be effective if a competent crew are using it. That said, in Saudi hands...
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Aug 25, 2019