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Dallas, TX
Blushing bride behind the event design firm, Mismikado Creations
Interests: Weddings, Blogging, Design, Home Decor, Crafting
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May 8, 2010
Very enlightening post. Thank you for speaking out on this topic. I come from a very crafty family, but growing up I lived in a very ethnically diverse environment. I commented on KP founder's response w/ my racial background and analysis of racisim: It hasn't been until recently, where I know work and live in a community of a singular race who is typically an American Minority and unfortunately extremely prejudice that this topic has really irked me. I honestly don't think I knew what "Race" was until I was in middle school and living in a predominantly "white" area being the only "tan" student in the entire school. I think what irritates my the most is that KP founder claims to be in touch w/ racism b/c of her heritage but never once discussed her racial background until now. Rather she used terms stereotypically associated with every other racial group. Yes KP mission is to beautify urban neighborhood w/ a "new kind" of graffiti but that is no excuse for being ignorant or blatantly racist.
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Dec 17, 2009