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Gizelle Winter
Telluride, CO
"Il mondo è un libro, e quelli che non viaggiano leggono solo una pagina..."
Interests: The great country of Italia
Recent Activity
There’s something truly ungodly about modern technology. I just flipped through my camera roll, holding down the right-arrow button out of nothing more than boredom; with that, my life literally flashed before my eyes. Sure, each image flew by too quickly to merit appreciation, but in some ways that’s appropriate—we... Continue reading
Florence is alive. I know that’s a cliche, but I’m not talking about the “hustle and bustle,” or the “life within.” I mean that the city itself is disturbingly human. Maybe that’s a borrowed sentiment from my recent tour of the Uffizi Museum, a goldmine of Renaissance art, which is... Continue reading
Today was a sad day. That doesn’t mean that something bad happened today: quite the contrary. Today was, in every sense of the word, ordinary. Your average Italian Sunday with the Gasparro family. We rose at our leisure and ate breakfast accordingly, took turns in the shower before our weekly... Continue reading
"Shh! Non vi dire niente, lei sentirà!" A couple of girls giggle, clearly struggling to follow Elena's instructions. It wouldn't matter; at this point, I already know what's going on. Hands placed over my eyes the moment I walked in the door (nearly pulling me to the ground, I might... Continue reading
Most people know the difference between a tourist and a traveler. The tourist stays hidden within the safe confines of the hotel, lest choosing to see only the most popular sites; they take pictures, documenting the "vacay" and (not-so) subtly bragging about it on every social media front; they wear... Continue reading
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Sep 22, 2017