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miss davis
South Florida
"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." --George Orwell
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My family's doing well these days M/M, thanks for asking! Hoping to get them all off the Obama train! That's funny, around the holidays I thought of all the Christmas music you posted as well. You'll have to tell me your perspective on the Tea Party. Honestly, I think the Democrat/Republican wars are getting old and are a distraction more than anything else, I'm sick of it all and can barely stomach watching the news these days; if it wasn't for the Haiti earthquake I probably wouldn't (more on that in a separate post). I'll be the first to admit I don't quite understand what the Tea Party is all about, it seems to be a melting pot of several different groups/causes. What's this about Sarah Palin taking some heat from the same people who were her biggest fans? (Including you last we spoke?) Here's the thing - there are many liberal politicians & pundits who I now believe are severely misguided, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm watching Hannity and Beck every night either (sometimes they just take things too far for me, plus FOX is still just as biased as MSNBC & CNN). So when I heard that they were supporting the Tea Party movement, it turned me off and I never really paid much attention after that. I'm willing to open my ears though. I'm not a history or economics expert, but I've learned just enough in the last few months to blow everything out of the water that I thought was true. I'm definitely down w/ the need for true transparency & a real audit for the Fed, if not dissolve it all together & nationalize the banks. I'm disgusted by Obama's genius move to throw $30B of "recovered" TARP money at the banks as if the end result will somehow be different than what we witnessed with the first time. Sadly, I fear that at the end of the day, the “powers that be” have every intention of allowing (or blatantly causing) the dollar to collapse.
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Hi M/M, thanks for the welcome back... and yes it is the real me, albeit (slightly) less militant feminist this time around, LOL! ;) Glad to hear you are checking out Harlem! The poetry/literature was amazing from that period, one of my favorite books is by Zora Neale Hurston (Their Eyes Were Watching God). Thanks for the intro Rick... who else is still here, Fred, Avari, Truther? Thought I saw Gringoman's post? Crazy work schedule these days so I will be posting at night for the most part...tons of questions for you all!
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Hmm thought I responded to that last one but I see my comments are already disappearing...I didn't miss an emergency takeover of the internet did I?
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I'll take Politricks for $1000, Alex... *ding ding ding ding* The Daily Double! *studio audience applause*
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Remember the impetuous black woman last spring and I turned her on to the Visioneers. She was cute as I could see from the pictures on her blog, but she was far too LIEberally brainwashed for my taste. Beauty and brains don't always come in the same package. Not saying she was stupid, but certainly ignorant of a lot of facts. . Posted by: Ummah Gummah | January 31, 2010 at 09:39 PM What's crackalackin' UG, miss me much?! It's been awhile (a year to be exact) but funny I decided to check in today. I see it's business as usual here LOL. As for me, "things done changed" for this impetuous black women. I finally moved away from the cesspool of corruption that is DC and officially fell off the Obama wagon (pick up your jaw, MJ...shocking, I know.) Perhaps all I needed was a little Florida sunshine to see the the way, quite the big freeze we had down here, so much for global warming!
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