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When creating applications for data recording in any srefy activities required to implement the program to analyze the available data, a very convenient means to present variable information is a chart and graphics. How and with what components it is done will be discussed in this article. In Delphi for graphs and charts used by the components classes TChart, they can be used very easily and quickly implement the program the possibility of constructing diagrams of varying complexity. These components are present in the library for Win32 and for. net. For more information about Delphi. The material can be used for a version of Delphi 2009 and more, as in the previous missing library for vcl. net. The main component of the class TChart - Chart, which allows you to create different charts and graphs, which look very impressive, with three-dimensional effects, and at the same time working with him very easy, even novichnov should not have problems. These charts and graphs for presentations, advertisements, etc. In addition, they are not required (three-dimensional effects), and can oboitis without them. Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2011 at Missed Conceptions
There are many accounting issues faced by each company. there is equipment, staff that is more than a few dozen people and equipment is either reserved for different people or geographically located in different places. Problem of computer equipment is particularly acute because This equipment is subject to frequent replacement and undergoes frequent rotation. I have never met a more or less a large enterprise, where the problem of accounting it equipment has been completely solved by means of accounting. This is normal. First, accounting operates its own facilities accounting. For example, several pieces of equipment in accounting can take place one asset. Secondly, for accounting often makes sense to account throughout the organization (branch, division) and a more detailed account greatly complicates the work of accountants. Thirdly, the question of access to accounting data employees of the it department - they should be able to assess whether a particular technology in the enterprise and to know where that stands. You can find more information on this from mywebsearch. In this case, the accounting becomes totally ineffective tool. Can lead other arguments showing the need for an additional tool for integration, but I think the whole idea is clear. On the market today are dozens of programs to accommodate computer equipment. Despite the general thrust, the programs are very different functionally. Sooner or later, to the Head of it department question the choice of instrument accounting. Hand in solving similar problems in the first stage is not always clear what criteria should be used when selecting. Error in the choice can lead to large overheads. Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2011 at Missed Conceptions
Hi everyone! Today I will write about how to make a moving wallpaper, that is not the same as everyone elses original wallpaper. And with a probability approaching 100% can tell you that none of your friend there is no! You like to be one step ahead? Then this post is for you. Go: As you know, Bill Gates, head of Microsoft, along with its operating system, wind in Russian, supplies images to the desktop (wallpaper), which do not move (Static), such as strength or Rhodendron, while the goal - to make a moving wallpaper. Once I sat on the site interesting character and looking at moving banner. I had an idea to do so on your desktop moving picture. Surely you too have seen running and jumping on the banners of their favorite sites, and so, your task is very simple - choose a picture. You need a picture with the extension *. gif. Expansion is something that is after the last point in the file name, its more visible when you move the mouse on a picture file. So, keep it on my comp and then clicks the right mouse button on the desktop -> Properties -> Desktop tab -> Browse button, then select the desired picture (the one you saved) and in the dropdown menu, select the desired item (stretch, tile or center). Cool version of Tile. Then the entire desktop will dance and jump and be such a massive the same images on your desktop, how do the Chinese mass of people during their holidays. Good luck! Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2011 at Missed Conceptions
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