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Jerry Conti
Irvine, CA
They {encompass| include| incorporate} {seven| 7} Principles, which {in turn| consequently| subsequently}, are {supported| sustained| assisted} with Key Elements. To {demonstrate| show| illustrate} the importance of Keys, {consider| think about| take into consideration} what you would do if a great wall {impeded| hindered| hampered} your path. Would you {attempt| try} to climb over it, {burrow| tunnel} underneath it, walk all the way around it, or try to blow it up? The {easiest| simplest} {solution| remedy} would be for you to find a {doorway| entrance} and a small Key to unlock the door in that huge wall. The point is that you don't need to spend days, weeks or years {stressing| belaboring} over seemingly {insurmountable| overwhelming| impossible} obstacles. {Instead| Rather| As an alternative}, you'll be {amazed| impressed| surprised| astonished} by the great things that will open up to you by simply {utilizing| using| making use of| taki ng advantage of} these Keys.
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Sep 4, 2016