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Here's the question. How many goals from the run of play? 1,2?
for the 23 man roster, BB takes Beasley over Torres. You heard it here first.
we can only hope that Bornstein doesn't make the 23... Of course we know he will, so that's whats so upsetting
Ives updated the list. No Casey. Phew!
agreed, if Bornstein is playing against England, we're in for a world of hurt
I agree with this. Its sad not to see him, but clearly its not because Robobob is heartless, its because Davies simply isn't ready to play. Feel free to be angry over other selections such as Findely, Klestjan, Bornstein
I'm stunned that Rogers and Klestjan made it over Adu. And also confused how Findely made it
disappointed that Sascha and Findely both made it somehow
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on World Cup Preliminary Roster Day at Soccer By Ives
almost go time for the selection!!
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on World Cup Preliminary Roster Day at Soccer By Ives
I'm giddy. This is kind of like the World Cup draw all over again!
funniest thing I've read all day. Thank you sir.
Man, I'm in so much anticipation for the announcement of the team! I just got my home jersey and can't wait to bust it out for the friendlies! I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep on the 11th
I say check him out. He could provide that much needed spice off the bench in those Slovenia & Algeria games.
Yea, read my second response, I didn't see the list Ives provided when I clicked to comment. I was initially replying to Convey & Johnson. Buddle has to be called in, no question. I think he's a lock anyways
straight down to SA. The 15th is the last gameday for these players in the MLS until they come back after hoisting the World Cup
I couldn't care less where he goes after the world cup. As long as he helps take the US to the quarterfinals, I wouldn't mind if he left to Vietnam, joining Nguyen this fall.
whoops, that was a preemptive comment, without seeing the list you posted above, Ives. Gomez needs a look. Basically anyone who can put the ball in the net is top priority.
I'm sorry but the only one of these that should get a look is Johnson because he's scoring at the moment. Even then, I don't think he's that good, but we have so many problems up top. Our midfield should essentially be selected already and I find it hard seeing Beasley, who has hardly found time in Rangers, and especially Convey, who has been a ghost for the past 3 years, to make the team. Our defenders and strikers are the areas where we may see some surprises, because both have so many holes. I'd be surprised, though, to see any late-comers in midfield.
no one says less with more than RoboBob
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Apr 29, 2010