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Styxenhammer give his views on the Gamestop market story:
The Washington Times @WashTimes · 1h Biden to sign executive order promoting climate change agenda, halt new drilling on federal land
Stephanie, I envy you that! (Sitting here in knee socks, jeans, long-sleeve polo with sweatshirt over it.)
Take it from me: de-clutter and de=junk early! We have been through this with me, two of my sisters, my brother, my mom and dad, and even my son and daughter. I have NO idea why we hang onto stuff the way we do. I have everything from my son's Cub Scout hat to my mother's wedding crystal, pictures going back to the early 1900's, stuff I picked up at garage sales, clothing I wore back in the 0's, you name it! And THIS after moving and sending a bunch of stuff to the auction!! I already have two garbage bags full of clothing in the car to go to Good will, and another 4 grocery sacks full on a shelf in the utility room!
Got to get a little work done. Back in a bit. Trading was halted on Tootsie Roll shares after they soared 53% into record territory as retail traders pour into heavily-shorted stocks ========================== Tootsie Rolls???
lurkersusie, Does this mean past videos of his rally speeches and State of the Unioni speeches are no longer available? @Street_Insider · 1h CNBC's David Faber said he is hearing a number of hedge funds are in similar trouble that Melvin Capital saw in its GameStop $GME and may need to be bailed out. ============================================= Mercury Rising @RealestAhole Got a feeling Biden is about to preside over the worst stock market crash, ever.
Mike Gonzalez @Gundisalvus · 57m As a member of the 1776 Commission I'd like humbly to ask President Joe Biden--my president, I must add--what he found "offensive and counterfactual" in our report. What, exactly, were these "lies"? Can a journalist ask him, rather than about the color scheme in Air Force One? Salena Zito writes a poignant column about how we treat veterans, using a painting by Joseph Neagle as her starting point.
Sahil Kapur @sahilkapur · 52m News: Sen. Tom Carper introduces the Washington, D.C. Admission Act to make DC the 51st state.
Tammy Bruce @HeyTammyBruce · 23m Republican David Valadao voted to impeach Trump. Now he has 3 challengers for 2022 HT @TomBevanRCP
Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald · 33m When Wall St tycoons make huge bets that flop, they have the Federal Government they own and control come bail them out with taxpayer money. When their short sell gamble goes bad, they demand the SEC step in & punish those who won and insist government power be used to stop it.
Good morning! Another gloomy day, so I slept in. Interesting tidbit I heard on a weird podcast last night: A Russian had sent one of the guys nes that the US embassy had been posting times and places for the pro-Navalny demonstrations. ALso, I hadn't heard of Navalny much until all this kerfuffle started and neither had those guys.
Think I will head to bed. Good night, everyone!
Charles V Payne @cvpayne · 1h The GameStop Phenomenon Old Wall Street & paid commentators whined all day about GameStop and dissed retail investors. The same folks that dissed and missed Tesla. If they are so confident retail investors are so dumb then these mavens should short these stocks themselves.
Ari Fleischer @AriFleischer · 13h Why didn’t Biden call on reporters himself yesterday instead of having his staff do it? That’s not the norm, for sure. The only good reason I can think of is he can’t remember the names of the reporters covering him, and doesn’t want 2b embarrassed getting someone’s name wrong.
Steve Herman @W7VOA · 24s Update: "After getting test results back, and after a thorough examination, Senator Leahy now is home. He looks forward to getting back to work," says David Carle, a spokesman for @SenatorLeahy .
I don't know why I keep making so many typos.
I can't tack;e those files tonight. I hope some of the research types do and hit the highlights tomorrow. I will be extremely happy to see Trump's uncle mentioned. Even better would be a time travel machine! HA!
Bannon had on the guy who wrote about Biden being at only 50$ capacity. Used to work for him. Made a good case that he's unwell and merely a placeholder.
Jane, On Bannon's show Raheem says that the countries in the EU each have their own laws. For example, Poland fines Big Tech if they censor someone without just cause, and the companies have to appear in court and justify it. He suggests state legislatures start passing the same type of laws. (We know Congress won't.) By the way, since we now know the Nobel Peace Prize is a corrupt scam, I propose that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia lean on those suckers to award one to President Trump, who got several nominations this past year.. At least the media couldn't ignore it.
Link to Bannon's War Room, each episode today on video, about one hour each.
Captain Hate, Her daughter seems to have some mental health problems, according to what I read last night.