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You don't have to like the Christian worldview. I realize Christianity has not been without its humanity, but the precepts of Christianity such as grace and forgiveness seem to me much more appealing than other worldviews. Christians do not force you to go to church or to enjoy Christmas. I do not think I would be happier in a country dominated by secular enlightened scientists like Russia or China. I am sorry that you have to exist in a country once dominated by those who believed in charity, adoption, healthcare, women's rights, the right to own property, who fight to end slavery--even as it exists today in sex-trafficking, to increase literacy, to provide free public education, who gave us child labor laws, who were abolitionists, who formed the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the YMCA, etc. Take heart because we are no longer the dominate force in America. The President said so. We are no longer a Christian nation. In fact, based on what I see in the media, Christians are being marginalized and demonized for our beliefs. I, however, believe the Christian worldview is the only worldview which gives us hope. I don't know if you see it as some legalistic rule-giving religion, but I believe that every soul, no matter what we believe or have done, is given a chance to receive the forgiveness of God and when we realize He loves us in spite of how much we fail, we have great relief and security. It allows Him to work through us to love others and to show them how much He loves them. That is why I pray that you will find His love and forgiveness. Christianity has given us many good things including the scientific method-- which when you think about it would not be possible if the world is the result of random chance as proposed by enlightened materialists. You cannot make predictions based on chaos. What would a secular country like Russia do if it had won the space race? I sincerely doubt we would have GPS, plastics, cellular technology, weather prediction, or if they had developed those things, I doubt they would have shared them with the world as the United States has done. What will become of the world when America is no longer ruled by Christian ethics but by evolutionary survival-of-the-fittest ethics? I do not see Russians beating their weapons into plows and bringing utopia with their purely secular worldview.
You will never do away with those evil things as long as humanity exists. Evil lies in the hearts of all men. We all sin. It is our nature. You do not have to teach a child to be selfish. Yet, in order to truly love, God has to give us free will and thus the ability to make selfish choices. God does not force us to love because coerced love is not really love. It is like being a robot or a puppet. That is what Jonathan Edwards was talking about. You did not finish his sermon. You seem angry about injustice. Just imagine how angry God is about injustice because He is perfectly just. He watches as we lie, cheat, steal, hurt each other, or allow others to hurt His creations, etc. Yet, amazingly, He does not obliterate us. He loves us enough to forestall His wrath to give us a chance to be saved from the punishment we deserve. For while we are wicked and have ruined God's perfect creation with our sin and truly deserve God's wrath, He has loved us enough to pay the price to satisfy His wrath with His own shed blood. He took our punishment upon Himself when He died upon the cross. That is true love, something the Enlightenment and the Romantics have never correctly explained. The Enlightenment would reduce love to neurons and programmed responses. Romanticism would reduce love to feelings. True love is an act of will, a commitment that does not change based on our fading feelings or circumstances and cannot be explained by survival-of-the-fittest or the rewards and programming of behavioral science. Religious toleration and freedom of speech are Christian ideals. You do not find them in Muslim nations or in Hindu nations or in Atheist (enlightened) nations. (The secular Khmer Rouge killed people who wore glasses because they believed they could read. Lenin and Stalin killed millions. We kill millions of tiny humans in this nation today because we tell their mothers that they are just masses of cells).
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Apr 24, 2015