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It was my first BlogHer. I unfortunately wasn't that impressed because I encountered far too much "I'm more special then you" attitudes. Plus not being a "Mommy Blogger" didn't make my site very appealing to the brands. I missed out on 99% of the branded events and spent more time wandering around like a lost puppy between sessions. I even got someone who told me they didn't have time to meetup because they had only scheduled meetings with brands and top bloggers in their field. If I wanted to see them I could pre-pay for a consultation. (I just wanted to say hi irl and maybe grab coffee). Another blogger replied when I saw her and said "nice to meet you, I follow you on Twitter" ...she said "Of course you do, everyone does" to which i took out my phone found her account and replied "well I don't anymore" and walked away. I did get just enough out of BlogHer conference to give it another chance next year in Chicago. I hoping that because the hotel where it's being held is so far from downtown area that there will be less "private" off conference events and also by then brands won't be so "Mommy Blogger" focused in their time at BlogHer.
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Aug 6, 2012