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Missy Shay
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I love peanut butter cookies and oatmeal cookies.
I use little girl hair ties on my bobbins to keep them from unraveling because I have cats who like to take off with my bobbins and boy do they make a mess!
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I love the fabric and flowers you chose! How about interviewing Bonnie Hunter?
Toggle Commented May 12, 2014 on Pat Sloan: Sew Mama Sew Giveaway at Pat Sloan's Blog
Today I basted a great granny square quilt, and I need to make some sugar cookies for my hubby too!
Today I had a lot of house cleaning, but I did sew a patch on my nightgown where my kitten chewed a hole last year. Why does it take a year to do the easy mending? LOL
I love the colors in your quilt! I took a quilting class at my local recreation center from Lori Tompkins. The rest I have learned from the internet, books and asking a lot of questions! Also a lot of trial and error!
My husband had a work conference that I went to with him, so while he was working I set up my hand crank sewing machine and worked on my quilt! I'm just now catching up on my blogs, bad internet connection at the hotel! Today I finished some sail boat blocks!
I've been sewing every day with you! I've been out of town, but today at a friend's house I finished up a drunkard's path quilt she had started.
I like hand piecing, I think it is very relaxing.
This month I am working on a baby quilt for my new nephew and I need to quilt my niece's quilt!
I love the quilt on the front! I think I would make those flowers in oranges, reds and yellows! I love the needle case!
It depends, for a technique or tutorial, I usually prefer something that is short, less than ten minutes because that is usually all of the time I have available.
I like several different bag styles, just depends on my mood, but they all must have pockets and be easy to carry!
I really like your block!
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2013 on Quiltmakers 100 blocks blog tour at gail pan designs
I found some material that I made a pair of cullottes out of when I was 16, that was 23 years ago! It has surfing penguins on it, so I cut it up for my Scrappy trip around the world quilt and I still have a lot left! I even used it to make a heating pad with a few months ago.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2013 on Pat Sloan: Do You Hoard? at Pat Sloan's Blog
I sewed a piece of dark pink to the backing which is a bright green fleece. I cut around it, but left some of it as a memorial to my first FMQ!
I do all of my piecing on a hand crank sewing machine, I love it! It is very peaceful, sews a perfect straight stitch, and never eats my material during chain stitching like my Janome does. I use my Janome for everything else though!
I am looking forward to moving to MO this summer!
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When we drove through AZ, I made my husband stop by the side of the road to take pictures with the huge cacti! LOL
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2013 on Giants in the desert at Pat Sloan's Blog
There is a radio show I listen to every day at 3:24, so that is my time set aside to sew everyday while I listen to it! I usually sew for about an hour and then I'll get supper ready for my husband for when he gets home.
I finished sewing the top of a pinwheels quilt for my prayer quilt ministry. Today I am sewing capes for a friend!
I made a block for a quilt block of the month that looked similar to yours and made the same mistake on the corners! It would make a nice "second image if all the blocks were like that! LOL I'm too lazy and left mine, maybe if I ever finish that quilt I'll fix it!
All of my friends go to my church and we are always having a lot of fun, but my best friend is my sister. Our birthdays are one day (and 3 years)apart, so I always go "home" for our birthdays and we are always laughing every where we go and have a ton of fun. I wish we lived closer together.
Mine is not too bad, my husband fusses at me if I start too many projects without finishing one, and since I've only been quilting for a little over a year.
When I saw this block I immediately thought "Crossroads". In a workshop I would like to learn FMQ, or maybe a hard new block.