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One person out of 20 million metropolitan area residents contracted West Nile last year. I think most people should be worried about ticks this year instead of foolishly devoting all their worries to harmless mosquitoes.
"New rumors abound today that transparency may be at hand for one of Rye’s long festering environmental crime scenes." Collecting rainwater, using solar energy and defecating in composting toilets is an environmental crime scene?
Why would you ask for a bag for a single candy bar? You can't control personal decisions like that. Secondly, if you RECYCLE the paper bag, the cycle the paper goes thru is infinite. Sustainable forever. The size of the bag then becomes a non issue.
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Indian Village on the agenda? "New York’s Secretary of State, Cesar Perales, has confirmed that his Department will not issue new interpretations of the NYS Residential Code (RCNYS or the Code), which local officials had feared would require onerous and expensive repairs to homes in flood prone areas." The division listed below is under Perales' Dept of State. It is the division that issued the ruling on Indian Village. New York State Department of State Division of Code Enforcement and Administration One Commerce Plaza 99 Washington Avenue, Suite 1160 Albany, New York 12231-0001 Look familiar? Wonder what they say about the SEASONAL RESIDENCES on Hen Island and whether Mayor French is enforcing the laws out there? Wonder if HealTheHarbor has called them yet to confirm Mayor French and Mayor Otis HAVE BEEN enforcing the potable water laws on Hen Island? Why is HealTheHarbor being so stubborn and not finding out the facts?
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Mar 27, 2012