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Talk about full speed ahead--more like lightspeed! Great all the way around. My wife and I liked that the Zane-Fargo dynamic from "Night at Global" continues here--every now and then Fargo does something that hints that he's smarter than Zane, and Zane doesn't like it. Thank you for putting Allison back into the driver's seat, even if it was only for a brief time. She proved once again just how great a leader she is. And kudos to Jack for admitting he'd been wrong in not giving Allison time to trust him. Big growth moment there. I died at "Doctor I.P. Freely". Sounds perfectly juvenile, very much Zane. And geez, Jamie, I know executive producers need some alone time to get work done, but isn't the ISS a bit extreme? Fantastic opener, can't wait to see what's next!
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2011 on "Liftoff" - Comment Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
What? No outtakes from "The Ex-Files"? I refuse to believe Ed Quinn didn't have people collapsing from laughter. VERY disappointed. :)
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2011 on Season 4.0 DVD Is Out Today! at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
Try watching this episode sandwiched between two drooling women. I nearly needed a snorkel! I really, really want to know how many takes that scene in Cafe Diem took, especially the moment where Salli turned and found Ed's nose directly in front of her. And "SHE'S SO HOT!" had me dying. Two things--first off, I found Fargo's sniping at Zane re: Zoe a bit hypocritical. Isn't Claudia around Zoe's age? Secondly--the "inside man" at Global who got Beverly's group the access code. My wife and I got to discussing it, and I have a sick feeling I know who it "was"--it would certainly be in keeping with comments made back in Season 1--but I'm hoping I'm wrong. Can't wait to find out, either way.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2010 on "The Ex-Files" (408) - Q&A Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
My wife commented last night that the sneak preview scene was no longer up at Syfy. I replied that the servers were probably shut down when the female Eureka fandom heard about shirtless!Stark and went to get a peek. She agreed. :)
"Founded by Albert Einstein and Harry Truman after WWII, Eureka is home to the greatest minds in science and technology." This is something that I wish could be expanded on, for no other reason than I find it a fascinating background story. My wife is a big Los Alamos geek, and as a matter of course I've read many of her books on the Manhattan Project and its consequences. 1947 was a time when the US already had lines being drawn in the sand by the Tellers & Lawrences (who wanted to build the hydrogen bombs) and the Oppenheimers (who didn't). You had the Livermore National Laboratory in California, and Los Alamos of course. What would you do with the scientists who didn't want to be a part of either side, just left alone to work in peace? Eureka! Yeah, she rolled her eyes too when I discussed this thought with her. I know it isn't a big thought in the show, but the first episode this season got me to thinking and I thought I'd share. :)
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2010 on A Novel Way to Visit EUREKA at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
Another excellent episode. There hasn't really been a weak one in the bunch so far. My wife and I (I'm MaryM's aforementioned "best friend", as she is mine!) were discussing the Jack/Allison relationship, and I remembered something from Mark Waid's run on "The Flash". Wally had just gotten a significant power upgrade, but one of the elder speedsters had reminded him that he wasn't so much on the top rung of the ladder as on the first rung of a new ladder. That's how I see this development. There is oh so much that can happen now that the ice has been broken. Case in point, tall dark and snarky showing up next episode. :) I do feel for Jo--hurting so deeply, and can't tell anyone outside "the circle" why. I really don't see a Zane/Zoe relationship going anywhere--she's young and still finding her freedom, and he doesn't appear to be the type to get too heavily committed to anything or anyone too long. But it ticks Carter off, so all the better for both of them. :) When Carter came across the statue that spoke to him, my wife gasped and grabbed my arm for dear life. You have my thanks for that. :)
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2010 on "Stoned" (407) - Q&A Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
Many, many croco...congratulations to you for an outstanding season and a well-earned reward. This year's been a breath of fresh air. You realize, of course, that you'll have to top season 4 next year. I look forward to seeing how you'll do it.
I had so much fun watching this I fired up the DVR last night for a second viewing. All the tributes to other movies and shows--so much fun to catch. And Carter was right--Tiny was the stuff of nightmares (at least until I realized she also bore a slight resemblance to Queen Slug-For-A-Butt from Earthworm Jim (boy, I just revealed a bit too much about my viewing habits there). Then I couldn't stop laughing. The Henry and Grace storyline was tragic. It sucks to do the right thing even though it's going to hurt someone you're growing to love. But it's realistic. Same with Jo's glance at Zane near the end of the episode. That smile on Andy's face while he was plugged into SARAH was....umm. And when he came out of the closet and hiked his guys are just having too much fun this season, aren't you? I do find it criminal, though, that the house is getting more action than either Jo or Carter. Do something about that, will you? :)
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2010 on "Momstrosity" (406) - Q&A Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
As one of the people who did in fact write you about the repeated trollish behavior by one particular poster on this forum, thank you for taking action. I enjoy coming out here to read the latest posts and to interact with the team behind the scenes and my fellow fen. I love a reasoned, spirited debate with those who disagree with me. But when someone becomes a "johnny one note" with the same tired argument over and over again, and refuses to understand why something was done...well, it becomes less fun and more frustrating. It's one reason I left the Syfy boards (the other being the utter lack of moderation to curtail such behavior which runs rampant over there). Having moderated a number of lists and forums over the years, I know that booting a problem post is not something to be taken lightly. It's much appreciated.
This explains so much about Season 4....
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2010 on A Puzzling Scenario at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
Well Tammy, of COURSE it is. Jenna is going to grow up to build her own empire and take over the world. After all, "the Stark is strong in this one..." :)
Loved the episode, just curious about one thing: given the "WKRP" situation with ASCAP/BMI licensed music, are you going to have to replace "Car Wash" with something generic on the DVD release? Hate to geek on you like that, but the radio DJ in me caught that immediately. :) one else has mentioned this yet, but thank you for keeping Adrienne Carter (Pilar) around. I've always enjoyed her appearances and had thought that the season 3.5 finale would be her swan song.
I was always curious about how Cobb ended up in Eureka. He had a pretty nonchalant way of dealing with the craziness but wouldn't tolerate any nonsense from people trying to interfere in his work. Chaykin really made that character work and he'll be missed.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2010 on In Memoriam: Maury Chaykin at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
But you haven't answered the question that Eureka fans on twitter have been burning to find out: Did any of you get to swim in Colin's new pool?
Kira, congratulations on a fabulous episode. The director couldn't have done his stellar job without your rock-solid script. There was so much underlying emotional complexity throughout, and it was all very true to the characters, especially Jo. And I absolutely loved the Grace subplot. That is a woman to be reckoned with!
Chris--she's been in Buffy, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and does a web series called "The Guild". I believe she's also going to be starring in a Syfy series/movie(?) called "Red". IMDB has more details.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2010 on Guild-ing the Back Ten at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
MaryM--does the "M" stand for "Mojito"? :) Don't I recall you having a very jealous husband?
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2010 on Guild-ing the Back Ten at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
MaryM--I assume you're meaning the cool exec with the heart of steel, and a bottle of Ketel One in the desk drawer? :)
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2010 on Guild-ing the Back Ten at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
I'm looking forward to seeing what role Felicia will play in the back-ten arc. I loved her in "Dr. Horrible"--my daughter firmly believes that you now must get Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris to round out the team! You know, just a background shot of NPH in labcoat and gloves would be a tremendous hoot....
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2010 on Guild-ing the Back Ten at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
I thought the exit was perfect--it was SUPPOSED to be hurtful. Breakups are rarely if ever clean and "on best terms". It was a bad situation and there was nothing Carter could do but see it through. He spent a year realizing that it wasn't a relationship that was going to work (far too reminiscent of his first marriage probably; I see a lot of similarities between Tess and Abby), and he handled the new situation poorly--but then again, how could he not? Beyond that, I really enjoyed this episode. Kept expecting something along the lines of "Lord Fargo must live; John Emdall must die" (let's see who remembers THAT...), but the script was incredible and the actors hit it out of the park. I want to see more Wil and less Tess!
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2010 on All the Rage (403) - Q&A Post at EUREKA UNSCRIPTED
Sadly, I'll be in transit Friday evening, so my viewing will have to wait until I reach home. My wife will have already seen it but I think she'll be willing to watch it a second time via DVR. :)
Addendum: I don't think links are working for anything on Amazon right now, so disregard the first part. But give on the second. :)
Just as info, the link in your message results in a 404. But hey, Amazon is easy to find! What extras are on it?
Boy, tough call, but it would have been tougher had you included Doctor Hood (Alan Ruck)!