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I understand the money/memory thing all too well. I wasn't good with numbers before, but now am horrible. I haven't turned over all of my finances to my brother yet, but he helps several days a month. His wife is a bookkeeper, but he is the one helping me, as I was too embarrassed to ask her. It was hard at first to have him looking into my money, but now I am so grateful. And he isn't as restrictive as I thought, only because when I want to ask him for some of my money, I make myself ask the 20 questions before I even call him, asking myself all of the Qs I think he will ask me. By the time I do ask him, I am absolutely sure I need the money and have all of the arguments ready if he asks me. I love the quilts. I think the yellow/orange one is terrific. I think the bright colors would be super cheerful for a young girl or even someone who is sick or invalid, to brighten up their day. I love the blues and purples too. Hugs
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10. Go through with a wedding/marriage just to spite my family who told me it was the wrong thing to do. 9. NOT go on a free vacation to the island of Hawaii just because I’m afraid there wont’ be accommodations for my disability on the plane and the island. 8. Tell my niece that she should get at least a BS in Education so that she will have that to fall back on if her dancing/writing/singing career(s) don’t pan out (she is as stubborn as I was at her age, see #10!) 7. Rely on a tour guide in Turkey to take care of refrigerating my injectable meds at our hotels – he didn’t and the Avonex I was taking at the time was ruined (thank God I didn’t use it!) 6. Store my prized Scandinavian, handmade candles in my Phoenix AZ storage facility. 5. Spend money this month with the idea that I can save next month…and next month…and next month…and then not be able to see a Diamondbacks’ game because I haven’t enough saved. 4. Get lost playing online Mahjong for hours…when I could be playing Mahjong on my PDA in the comfort of my recliner! 3. Forget the birthdays of my family and friends. Please don’t let me forget! 2. Not take my daily injection just because I haven’t had an episode in so long that surely one day won’t matter… 1. As said, never take my health for granted again.
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How about the biggest advantage women have over men? Women have the advantage of being able to go to bathrooms in groups while at restaurants/clubs/etc. and do virtually nothing, but drive men crazy thinking we are up to something! Love your blog BTW - I was dx in 2003.
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