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"how do you get paid?" is a filter I apply to any activity I am engaging in. Quite frankly it has kept me sane and real even if bruising my ego. Just because I can do something doesn't mean that I should do it and the same for any consultant. The only real measure of a business is the money that is in your bank account, but many consultants can't even say that they have hung their shingle; shared an offering; quoted a price; or done much more than have deep conversations about engagement over endless cups of coffee. Yes "consultants" you are smart and talented and brilliant ... but if you can't figure out how you get paid you are not in business. *hang your shingle *tell people what you offer *tell them how much it costs and your payment terms *tell them how to contact you There is nothing shameful about maintaining a regular job whilst developing a new opportunity - in fact it is a hell of a lot easier to be creative when your bills are paid than when you are wondering about where your next loaf of bread is coming from. Thanks Gavin ... as always I appreciate your insight and your ability to bring things that matter to our attention.
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I'm happy for you that you have chosen experience over print. In the midst of innovation and change one "writing a book" could become obligated to pimp the ideas they had last year, last month, last week in order to keep a publisher happy. I love this post. It isn't a reason not to write - it is a reason to think about immediacy ... perhaps collaborative works are more authentic in this rapidly expanding, evolving social space.
You have made me smile David. Some of my great friends and business associates have been made on planes. More common in recent times my greatest friends and business associates have been made on Twitter. The smile was for the realization that what was previously discovered over a 14 hour flight from San Francisco to Sydney is now done in 140 characters ... recognition. A fortunate accident indeed.
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"We need to invest in the RIGHT relationships – those that lead towards returns (monetary and non-monetary)." This is the stand out point for me. We have all the tools to be conscious and deliberate in relationship building - it's not how many people we "reach" it's who will action and advocate. Thanks for this post Gavin.
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Nov 19, 2009