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beautiful as always. I was just catching up on your blog and then I seen your picture. Then your moms picture. I'm kinda sad. I miss you guys. I keep telling myself "don't cry because its over, smile because it happened." Over and over and over. then repeat. I am back to reality at home. A place I love with people I love, but Oh how frustrating and overwhelming it can be. I'm so very thankful for a very magical moment in my life. Love Misty
Would love to win an auditing seat....(I am saving my money for your weekend workshop) LOL. Good luck with all your upcoming busy-ness.
Karen you crack me up! Love your attitude. That person is obviously jealous of how great you are. Who has the spare time to create a false account with pictures and everything? Rediculous.
All of your kids are beautiful, but that little Annie is soooo stinkin' cute! Just wanted to let you know :)
THANK U THANK U THANK U! I am so very greatful to win the notations line! I can't wait to start creating with it. You are amazing and keep up the amazing work. I just returned home from a CK convention. I loaded up on Posh, Sports edition II, Timeless and On the Edge :)
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2011 on NOTATIONS- Winners***** at TERESA COLLINS
LOVE ALL YOU DO!!!! I would be honored to own this new release! I am leaving for CKC tomorrow for an annual girls weekend. I am looking forward to getting my hands on some of your new products.....well all of the new product I can get :) Keep up the great work!
All this talk of the "new line" coming soon at the CHA event has me giddy with anticipation for when the rest of us get to see it! I can't wait! Thank you for your beautiful designs. I am currently working on a project with the noel line :)
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2011 on INSPIRATION... at TERESA COLLINS
What an amazing gift! I don't own any of those prizes. They would make great items to add to the scrapbooking collection! Thank You :)
HOLEY MOLEY!!! What an awesome generous gift! My fingers are crossed :)
I LUV your style!!! Thank you TC for sending me your way! I must say, I cannot wait to make a ruffled bag. It is absolutely AMAZING :)
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Oh my, so much to say! Luv this tag! it is 4sure my FAV! I also want to thank you for introducing my to Donna Downey. I visited her blog and fell in love. Such amazing creativity and so inspiring! And then lastly, I am just puzzled @ how some people can be sooo hateful!!! People like that, don't like themselves, therefore, want to make everyone else miserable ;( I only had the pleasure of meeting you for just a few short hours, and in that short amount of time I could see what a kind, generous, and genuinely happy caring person you are. Unfortunately, it only takes one negative, hateful person to make one have to defend their character. Teresa, you are a great person. Hold your head high and don't give into the attention this awful person is seeking from you. Keep being amazing :)
First I must say that I feel a little bad for trying to win free paper after reading about such a loss. What an awful event :( Secondly, LIL Maxon and those blue eyes....too precious. And last but not least, thank you for introducing me to Echo Park.
The heart is beating faster, hands a lil shaky, smile expanding beyond my face......I LUV BLINGAGE!!!!!!!! This is an awesome giveaway! All of the bLinGAge IS AMaZinG!!! ( did I use enough exclamation points to get my excitement across?) Anyways, I am loving the tags, and if you didn't notice, I love Blingage!
eVeryTHinG is better with BLING!!! Ideas are building in my head as to what I could do with this. Love it!
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Dec 4, 2010