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My comments and views are not meant to be directed at any one individual, but rather at city policy of allowing the use of any vehicle for personal use.
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This is an issue that has bothered me for years Use of a taxpayer paid government vehicle for personal use is an ethical, and moral question. One should ask - Am I fairly reimbursing the city for the gas, maintenance, depreciation, insurance liability? - Have I valued the amount I have not reimbursed the city and properly indicated this as income for tax treatment? - If I am traveling outside the city for personal use is there any real reduction in emergency response time if I left the government vehicle in rye and used my own car? There are at least two department heads that have access to- but do not use - a city vehicle for personal use. Good for them- Shame on those who abuse the system, and taxpayers of our city.
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Bob I am not aware of any functional problems with the existing science labs that have caused the School District to not follow the SED curriculum. Work a rounds have been in place for years. Broken outlets, plumbing issues and fume hoods can be fixed and should have been years ago through annual maintenance. Accordingly, I stand by my simple calculation. $59.5K/Student for capacity increase is a lot of money.
Simple math $20,000,00 divided by 12 new classrooms divided by 28 students per classroom = $59,524 per classroom seat.
I thought it was about time I chimed in. 1- If you are going to use my name as a reference-please do me the courtesy of using your full name in your post 2- Our elected officials, and the members of all of the committees are unpaid volunteers and if only for the # of hours each of them put in to make Rye a better place they all deserve our respect and thanks. I truly do not believe that any of them have acted in this matter out of malice or a hidden agenda. 3- I am a huge proponent of open government. A lack of absolute transparency will lead to interpretations that are not accurate, and outcomes become less predictable. If you agree- then indicate your support for legislation that our city government should abide by the same requirements of all private applicants for zoning, architectural review, etc. so the city acts as a good neighbor in all of their dealings. Our School district should continue to do the same (by practice as school district's construction work is permitted by the State of NY and not by local jurisdiction) And now a few facts: The documents passed around town were fully available to all. They were posted on (click on calendar on the right side of the page, then agenda, or meeting minutes.) They were not "leaked" by a council member or planning commission member. As I talked to my neighbors before the Sept. meeting none of them were aware of the potential size of the project (72,000 SF). Once they were advised, their universal concern was over the size. I too congratulate Mr. Jovanovich for his honesty. I agree with the vision for mixed use within the downtown. However, development of this site will also impact some of Rye's oldest homes and as such, future development should be within existing zoning to minimize potential impact. I also agree with Mr. Jovanovich and others that there has been a significant impact on our school taxes due to the unchecked redevelopment of existing lots. However, Mr J is incorrect on three points 1- The city council controls (and always has) the zoning and has permitted the proliferation of large homes on small lots and 2- there was a public outcry several years ago to this issue. The city planner proposed several land use revisions (Flag lot/Steep Slope/FAR) but these were not acted on due to complaints by a few land owners that would be affected. 3- Irrespective of single family home new construction proposing a permitted use of up to sixty additional units of housing would be disastrous. Lessons learned- It just as much our responsibility to be informed as it is the government's responsibility to be both transparent and to reach out for all stake holders and to solicit comment.
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2011 on 60 Apartment Plan Nuked By Rye City at
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Sep 20, 2011