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Mitch Wagner
Roguish man-about-town.
Interests: science fiction, all types of fiction, and various couch-potato and mouse-potato activities.
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I hope you enjoy your standing desk! This post contains a photo of my setup:
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2011 on Standing Desk at Robert Paterson's Weblog
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Mar 15, 2010
Hamlet, I'm looking forward to your analysis of the original article. My own $0.02: Harsh, but fair. We've all known about the first-hour problem in SL for more than a year, well, that article demonstrated exactly what it looks like.
Delinda - LOL. Crap - You're such a sentimentalist.
The people who giggle and smirk and think it's all about sex are frustrating. Yes, a *lot* of Second Life is about sex. So is a lot of the Internet, and real life. If you're into that, fine. If you're not into it -- if you're morally offended by it -- that's fine too. Most people like sex. Some people like it kinky and dirty. None of this is new. So stop giggling like a 12-year-old, okay? When people ask me about it -- especially when the giggle-and-smirkers ask about it -- I explain it as best as I can, and then I conclude, "I'm personally not involved in that side of Second Life, but I know a couple of lovely people who are, and I can introduce you if you're interested." That puts a stop to the giggling and smirking. So far nobody's taken me up on it.