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Do you have any experience with how front-raised keyboards improve your wrist situations? I'm currently using a logitech one and i like to think the wrist-pad/front-raise combination helps prevent issues:
Yeah, now it works.
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That feed url redirects a LOT. :)
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I once applied for a company here in germany, Idealo, that does price comparisons. They are owned by the country's biggest media conglomerate. Their stake in Perl is that it drives the data retrieval processes. When i sat there to talk with them they told me these things: They were awaiting Perl 6 because it would be "much faster than Perl 5". They are frustrated that Perl 6 is so long in the coming. As such their management decided to migrate to Java because Perl 5 is clearly going nowhere. This was less than a year ago.
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Jun 27, 2011