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Eugene, Oregon, USA
Social waterfowl and general duck about town
Interests: Internet, social media, and online communities; writing, theater, and spoken word performance; gourmet/healthy cookery and weight management; rock music (classic, plus a very few current obscure cult artists); anime (especially Lupin III); alternative culture of all kinds (especially pagan, queer, and artsy); leftwing hippy-dippy pacifist politics; mystical woo-woo spirituality.
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My ailing friend, who I previously mentioned on this blog, died this past Friday night. I had been driving up to visit her every couple of weeks, in the skilled nursing facility in Portland that her daughters carefully researched out... Continue reading
At the risk of sounding grandiose for stating such a big issue so baldly, I confess I am very pessimistic regarding the future of the human race. It seems to me that as a species we are bound and determined... Continue reading
I am currently going through another one of those close encounters with mortality that are the peculiar fate of our conscious and social species. This time it is occasioned by a dear old friend whose long-term incurable health issue has... Continue reading
My grandmother was far from the best cook, but her bread pudding still nourished the soul. Continue reading
Spring is sprung, The grass iz riz, I wonder where The duckies is ... Continue reading
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Jul 5, 2012
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Jun 29, 2012
Recently, by economic necessity as well as changing food and health preferences, I have really been cutting down on my meat consumption. So as soon as I got settled in my new digs, I hauled out the pressure cooker and... Continue reading
The Magical Loaf Studio: Create Your Own Adventist-Style Vegan Dinner Loaf! This handy little web form lets you choose your ingredients from lists, then creates a customized recipe containing your ingredients. Its creator cautions that she has not tested every... Continue reading
Reblogged Apr 22, 2012 at The Duck's Nest: online home of mizducky
Oh sigh. While I am beginning to locate some decent Mexican eats here in the wet wilderness of central Oregon, the local offerings are so far only a shadow of this post's bounty. Another reason for me to start planning my first Portland run (besides severe Vietnamese food withdrawal symptoms). Thanks for the cravings, Kirk! :-)
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via Stash makes amazing food, with the emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients, and blogs about his creations. I met him online a few years back on a food forum; I wandered off to other online venues but in the meantime... Continue reading
Reblogged Apr 12, 2012 at The Duck's Nest: online home of mizducky
There most certainly is your blog, and a lovely thing it is too! Glad we met up on the Net again! :-)
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I've been living in my new nest in Eugene, Oregon for a month now, but things have only recently settled down enough for me to check in about them. First, the big drive from San Diego to here: very beautiful,... Continue reading
I have gotten rid of a few large pieces of furniture through Freecycle, which is an organization with a wonderful concept: people giving and/or getting stuff that one person no longer has use for but somebody else does, rather than... Continue reading
Just to show I'm not being completely hair-shirt and getting rid of every frill in my life, I wanted to show one of the cuter functional items I am keeping: my vintage Sears Forecast makeup case (which looks like this... Continue reading
T minus eight days and counting until I leave San Diego and start driving up the coast to my new home in Eugene, Oregon. I've hit the point in packing for my move where I'm essentially camping in my own... Continue reading
I have a pet peeve. I go searching for vegetable-centric recipes -- usually on the Web, but even in many cookbooks -- and I keep finding recipes in which the vegetable is a bit player instead of the star, or... Continue reading
Somehow, without deliberately planning it, my adult life has assumed a pattern in which, every decade or so, I pick myself up and relocate to an entirely different region of the country. I spent the 1980s in Boston, the 1990s... Continue reading
I just adore roasting veggies--any and all sorts. Brings out their natural sweetness. And yes, a nice vinaigrette--or even just a shot or two of balsamic--is a great tart note to add, to play against the sweetness. I've cut way back on the meat consumption too--it's now more a treat when I go out for pho/bun bo Hue/etc. than an everyday thing--and roasted vegetables are a great consolation to a reformed meat-eater who misses that meaty density in their meals.
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Hi Kirk! I know this post is old, but I just wanted to mention that this place has changed its name to Thuan Kieu (I wonder if that's meant as a pun!). The menu, or at least the Dac Biet page, still looks just like your photo. Of course I had to have the bun mam -- you know what a sucker I am for hearty Vietnamese soups -- and I loved it like crazy. The waitstaff, however, was very concerned that this Euro-looking lady wanted to order the smelly soup; the waitress did her best to try and point me to another and I had to gently-but-firmly insist I knew what it was and I knew what I wanted! The older gentleman who then delivered the soup hesitated before putting it in front of me, and again I was warned about the smelly soup. I think they were amazed and amused when I did lash into it with great gusto -- definitely pungent but sooooo good! Anyway -- thought you'd be amused too.
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2012 on Nhu Y Restaurant at mmm-yoso!!!
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Yeah, the chilly weather's been getting to me too, Kirk. I've been working my way through the soups at Hoai Hue. Their bun bo Hue and banh canh tom cua warmed me right up!
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Heh. Love you guys, but I feel you kind of wimped out on your food derring-do on this trip. I think I would have at least tried every single thing on that list--and in fact have already encountered and loved the meat floss stuff. Okay, maybe the bugs on sticks would have given me pause. But c'mon! What do you think crayfish and lobsters are? :-D
Welcome back, Kirk! Your fondness for your home is so great to read - and who wouldn't be fond of a place full of flowers and food? Looking forward to all the details.
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2011 on We're Back...... at mmm-yoso!!!
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A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you, Cathy, and all the rest of the mmm-yoso crew. Wow, brussels sprouts on the stem, I had no idea TJ's would carry those. Wonder if they have any left? I adore those little mini-cabbages -- roasting has become my favorite way of preparing them, though the bacon method also looks amazing (but then bacon makes just about anything amazing).
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2011 on Thanksgiving Eve at mmm-yoso!!!
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Barely halfway through the month, and already I am FAIL at the daily blogging thing. Ah well. I am more laughing at myself than anything else: oh dear, I couldn't come up with one meaningful thing to say per day,... Continue reading