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I've been doing a lot of research on Sorghum of late, so this is a very timely post for me. I made the Sorghum Chocolate Pecan Pie recipe on the Bourbon Barrel Foods website last weekend and got *raves* at a local holiday party here in Grant County KY (me, the transplanted Yankee, was actually asked for the recipe by the local matriarch, which about made me fall over.) I had used the BBF Sorghum, and as I explained this to the various women there, they told me a local store carried "sargum" (as they pronounced it.) I hied myself off to said store after the party to purchase some. Hmm. It was labeled molasses. I asked the store owner (a longtime local legend, with whom I would not want to argue), and he insisted it was "sargum." So I bought a jar. When compared at home with the remnants of the BBF Sorghum there was quite a difference in color. My husband says that may be due to cooking time, and he may be right. But when I called the number on the label of the jar in question, the owner of the farm from which it came was unable to tell me from which sort of cane the syrup came. And yet I know that authentic Sorghum comes from the Sorghum Grass Cane, not from Sugar Cane, as much molasses comes from. So I am suspicious. And so I found yet a third source of Sorghum from Taste of Kentucky online, and am going to make several more pies and do a taste test. But I find it interesting that there is this fuzziness around the concept of what the difference is between Sorghum and Molasses. I would imagine those who grow "real" Sorghum would be irritated to have folks passing molasses off as Sorghum. And I would also imagine the taste would be very different. I'll post here again once I've made the pies. But for now, it was awesome enough to have Miss Eva ask me for my recipe. It meant that after ten years here in Kentucky, this "girl from Minnesota" had finally arrived. Laura Haggarty
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