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Jan 9, 2011
As the wife of a member of this unit at the time of the shootdown, I felt I must comment. I am very appreciative that so many still remember these guys. Many were our friends, one even went to flight school with my husband. We lost family that day....part of our military family. Anyone that has spent any time in the military, understands that. It WAS a horrible accident, that everyone on those 60's paid the price for and their families pay for each and every day! The Eagle Flight memorial holds a special place in my heart. We helped fundraise for it before we left Germany and then once we returned to Germany in '99, I was able to bring awareness once again to the Giebelstadt community. Many at that time in the area had grown used to seeing the model hawks sit atop that monument, but had no idea why it was there nor knew the persons behind the names. From 2000 until the monument was moved to Rucker, the Memorial Day ceremony was held at the monument and the story of this unit was shared as part of Giebelstadt's history. We were also forunate enough to be at the ceremony when it was moved to Rucker. It was nice to re-unite with old friends, our military family. As for the mis-identification, I would like to believe that it was true human error. However, my heart tells me it was over-eagerness to shoot something. I was told that it was not uncommon for the AF to lock-on to the hawks on a daily basis. My prayer is that these fine people did not die in vain and that lessons have been learned for our soldiers and airmen alike and that through this tragedy the families can feel the loving touch of the Lord's hand. And I too pray for the 2 that fired those deadly shots, they too need the healing touch of God. C6 wife '92-'95 WAR EAGLE
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