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I've watched this so many times as a layperson and bystander. Usually if I react to the child's distress, I'm labeled the problem. I'm "not child friendly" because I'm not as good at ignoring the child's trauma as the parent. It's painful on so many levels.
Oh wow, a garden make-over by Rebecca! Now that's a prize worth winning. She's incredibly talented. I loved the vertical gardening book you two wrote together.
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I wish you all the best with your worthy cause and look forward to new posts! --Mjausson
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2011 on What a Difference a Year Makes! at Kellevision
Well said. There but for the grace of HP go I...
Oh, competition for this gorgeous H Potter trellis is fierce. I'd love to win it.
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What I'm missing here is the goal of blogging. What's in it for you that warrants spending time and effort on it? Maybe you didn't include it because it's obvious to you already but to me the who, what, when and how needs to come from the why. You've got a readership and you're connecting to us, as evidenced by all the comments. I know I always read your blog entries because I get something out of where you're going with them. I get the impression that you have a lot to say that I'm interested in hearing, both in your blog and in person. Is there a thought train you could follow so that when you come across something blog-worthy blogging spontaneously feels like the right response? Perhaps change the format? Lower the threshold technically so each entry requires fewer steps? Include more photos or illustrations as jump-off points? I'm looking forward to seeing where you're taking your blog. From a practical stand point, it's helped me increase my presence both online and with traditional media, plus, it's a way for potential clients to get to know me a bit which I hope makes them more likely to hire me (although the opposite may be true). I would never have gotten the opportunity to write a book without the blog. Having said that, it would be nice if it wasn't such a voracious animal to feed. To be able to take a vacay from it without losing readers would be nice. Plus, to be honest, the attention is somewhat addictive. It's flattering to think people are interested in what I have to say.
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2011 on Learning to Love You More at Blue Planet Garden Blog
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Not so much with the blaming, Secret Agent Girl. We know very little about the situation. What we do know is that the victim is very resourceful and most likely has a therapist of her own. Offering unsolicited advice only serves to keep people bouncing around the Karpman Drama Triangle.
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2010 on The Hero gets Scapegoated at Kellevision
That's very illustrious company. Congratulations, Graham!
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2010 on I won an award! at Transatlantic Gardener
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I think I fell asleep just looking at that picture.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2010 on Here come the plant police at Transatlantic Gardener
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I agree that we need a definition. There are official definitions for e.g. vintage cars, so why not for heirloom plants? If it's going to be helpful, the definition needs to be verifiable and reasonably objective. How about something like this: Open-pollinated First named more than 100 years ago Obviously different from other cultivars of the species
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True confession: The last year I was living in Sweden, I didn't have time to garden. That was the year the garden looked the best... I hope I learned something from that. Doubt it. You'll just become a perfectionist about ignoring the garden in the EXACT SAME WAY in an effort to get the same result.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2010 on Perfection at Blue Planet Garden Blog
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Amazing how good it looks with the silver leaves. Really like it with the Cerinthe too. Could another name for Plantius unknownium be Dianthus barbatus "Sooty"? Agree about the silver. I also love it with the red foliage, which thanks to you I know know is Dianthus 'Sooty'!
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I love acacias. The scent is to die for. They flower in February here in northern California.
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I would love a blog that has a featured plant every week or month. And as was said by Diana, not just the stuff sold at big box stores. I'd also like to see gardens followed over time. If they visit a garden one year, it would be great to see new photos 3, 5, 7 years later. Ideally with descriptions of what changed and why. E.g. the X bush is now shading out the annual Y's, so I'm replacing them with Z, which is perennial and deals better with shade. Finally, no blog is complete without a searchable archive. It's gotta show up in my Google search or it might as well not exist.
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I think (NSFW) needs to do a horticultural edition. The work on that pot is incredibly amateurish.
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