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I found this post really insightful Chad - thanks for it. In regards to Duncan's point, I don't see how those in the PVSP interact differently than VSAN does. Maybe he can post details on that on another blog post. In regards to going through the hypervisor stack vs the efficiency of kernel modules, I'm in sharp agreement. The numbers are different but 99.999% of the time negligible to a virtualized workload. Workloads need consistency at a level centralized storage on its own has struggled to provide as its overloaded with the high-density of virtualized environments. I'm a huge fan of Server SAN and Server-side caching as it offers alternatives to the tight coupling of storage capacity and performance. I'll add the disclaimer that I work for one of those vendors at Infinio, but that doesn't blind me from the benefits of approaching the problem from many angles. Thanks again!
I'm thoroughly enjoying this TV superstardom twist to your career Steve. You're quite good at it -- I'm looking forward to seeing more.
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Disclaimer - EMC'er here. Still, I was as curious as everyone else on this one. I really appreciate the clarity you bring to this conversation Chad. The combination of startup experience and logic makes everyone more informed by the end of the post.
Fantastic content Chuck. One comment in regards to 1x1's with XtremIO - the team has been receiving such attention they let me gather high value influencers by facilitating two exclusive meetups. Internal employees get a session on Tuesday you can RSVP to here: Customers and partners can show interest to Wednesday's offering here: Looking forward Project X seeing the light of day! @mjbrender
Hi John - You hit a common misconception that needs a quick clarification here. Space utilization is a function of the protocol, not the VNXe. Any sort of snapshot feature on iSCSI is going to take up at least a full copy + metadata. It's a block-level protocol, which makes it a blackbox to any file-level space savings you get with snapshot data protection. That's as much in our control as gravity. Now if your peer uses NFS - a file-level protocol - the VNXe I believe defaults to the very reasonable 30% protection space. Also, I have to throw it out there that OE 2.2 is hugely impressive from my vantage point. We baked in an ESRS service that's just a checkbox away from connecting you securely to support, made it even easier to deploy in ROBO environments and released Unisphere Remote to manage all of the systems in a single pane of glass. I don't want to get too preachy: you can start to see how epic the scale of engineering is here. Drop me a line @mjbrender if you'd like more details - I worked on that code release in my last role. Cheers, Matt
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