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I'm a sucker for assemblages like yours -- my favorite piece of art that my collage-artist wife has ever done is also an assemblage she did just a few weeks ago ( so I'm running at a pretty high pitch of enthusiasm for the form. So I've been watching your assemblages emerge on this blog for a while, (came over from Joyce Vance's blog) and this one is a real standout! It's as evocative as a Cornell while having a distinct voice. Nicely done, you should be proud of yourself. --Mike Jennings --Hannah Grey Curiosities & Drygoods
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2007 on Obsession at Karen's Muse and Musings
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I bought several pieces from her site directly from the artist and imported it. Everything this woman touches is exquisitely beautiful. Even the numbers she jotted down on the packing materials were calligraphic. She wrapped up little packets of her small paper pieces in some nice paper with a beautiful rubber stamp and boutique inks -- my wife even made me give her all that paper, too.... We just cannot believe how thoroughly drenched in beauty her aesthetic is. Her look is so distinctive, and everything in the package was clearly touched by it in some way, that it's hard to imagine that she did not have a hand in absolutely everything in our order (over 30 pieces).
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2007 on New From Miss Clara! at ULLABENULLA
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