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The concept approach to this movement kind of reminds me of "Pot" talk. Where you sit around and talk things out till they become meaningless, and the whole ideas presented can be lost in the next session that is undertaken.
This was a great discussion, and I have made sure to add this website to my favorites....Thanks Chris
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Sounds alot like our friendly neighborhood Wal-mart store. Will these churches have everything that I need under one roof, low paying jobs, the lowest priced Christianity, products produced in foriegn markets, and the ability to shut down smaller churches due to a loss in clientele? Will these churches sell me my salvation on a weekly basis? In the article it stated that even the pastors looked the same....wouldn't that be a little strange? Now, what I want to know is....will the congregation all look the same too? Would this be like the movie "The Stepford Wives"?
What do you say to someone who says they believe the word but at the same time allow alcohol and cigarrets to control their daily life? Are they in fact a slave to these habits and would these habits be a sin when considering the reality that the body is in fact a temple?
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Hey Chris, I love that picture because it says everything about the new idea of spirituality in a nut shell. Before I became a Christian I had a problem with the Bible because I was not willing to except certain things in it. I did not believe in miracles....The only way to describe my spirituality is to say that I was more like a Deist. The God that I believed in sat back and watched as his creation did for himself and achieved goals by his own means. I believed that there was some sort of creator or a generic form of creator that was outside human contact. I "felt" that each individaul person put their own name on him because they needed to identify with a system to feel like they were a part of something based on the culture they lived in or identified with. I had no moral code of conduct that I adhered to, but did things if they felt good or if they were percieved to be good acts by others or myself. So, in looking back, I was more like a demi-god and worshiped myself and the things that I accomplished. But that all changed when I came to the realization that I had ruined everything that I had accomplished myself and had done it almost deliberately. I could not do things by myself anymore; I realized that I had become my worst enemy. So, I asked Jesus one night to save me from myself! From that moment on my whole life changed.
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Thanks Steve...That was a great comment and one we all need to remember as we walk with him. There is only one way, and it is through Jesus that we are able to come to the Father. The sin that infected us by Adam and passed down to all of us is washed with the blood of our savior Jesus Christ! As I walk on campus today I will remember your comments and take them to heart as I pass the Interfaith Chapel that my University felt it needed to build in order to attract new customers and make them feel good. Take care and God Bless you Steve....Micah
I guess real Christianity is to narrow minded, and makes you feel like a complete sinner. I can agree with that....thanks for building on my answer. I wasn't really sure how to describe it as clearly. So a man makes his own path...he would then be worshiping him-self and the works of his own intellect and he is his own god. Does that sound about right.
I think it has to do with an individaul building their own religion that makes them feel good from the different ideas that they encounter in other they would be worshipping something that they created. I don't know if that would be worshiping themselves or just their creation.
I am currently taking a marketing course at the University I attend. In the text that I have to read there is a section speaking about "People's Views of the Universe"...Here are some exerts from the text...."Although most Americans practice religion, religious conviction and practice have been dropping off gradually through the years....'Americans are on a spiritual journey'...'increasingly concerned with the meaning of life and issues of the soul and spirit. The journey can encompass religion, but is as much more likely to take the form of...'spiritual individaulism'...This new spiritualism affects consumers in everything from television shows they watch and the books they read to the products and services they buy...Tapping into this heightened sensitivity presents a unique marketing opportunity for brands." (Armstrong, Gary. "Marketing: An Introduction". page 99.). Both Olsteen and Robbins are selling a product and are taping into this new market of "Individaul Spirituality" or self-worship.
worldly wisdom is always changing and never consistant; at least the foolishness of the word never changes and is always the same....Why is that?
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