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"They're knocking down hurdle after hurdle for the tech," might be the most salient observation in this piece, considering a hurdle is meant to be leapt over, not knocked down. Please don't change it. As to "They asked the backers at the time, 'Do we keep making the simple game, or do we make the game we can actually make with this much money' and overwhelmingly got 'Make the bigger one.'" Those two polls were as follows: 17th Sep 2013 Q: What should we do with the crowdfunding counter after we reach our goal? (Total Votes: 21076 - 8% of Citizens, 12% of alpha backers) 5% - Take the funds raised counter down after $23 million (mission achieved!) 7% - Have the funding counter display the amount towards the current stretch goal / feature, not the total amount once we reach $23M. 88% - Keep it up through development and continue to offer stretch goal rewards in addition to extra features and development milestones. 12th Jun 2014 Q: Should we continue to offer stretch goals? (Total Votes: 34590 - 7% of Citizens, ~14% of alpha backers) 55% - Yes 26% - No 20% - No preference Note that there hasn't been a "Stretch Goal" since $65 million. Your quote does not appear in any of the relevant material. I understand if you're attempting to paraphrase, but even the paraphrasing is just as vague as Roberts' explanation that these results are justification for unchecked, un-ear-marked, feature expansion beyond what was promised "on paper".
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May 21, 2020