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It's cool but kind of creepy. Haha!
I think people have been predicting the end of the world since the beginning!
The first one is a classic and my favorite! Hahaha! Just say "NO" to Old Yeller.
I knew what happened in Old Yeller so never read the book or watched the movie. I did use the line "I take it you've never read Old Yeller" in my first book, The Returns when a character referenced him when wanting to be a hero dog. Haha!
That is hilarious! Our mini schnauzer tried to bite a judge once. Not a good idea. Haha!
I love your awards and they are spot on once again!
Absolutely the best story that I've read all day! Thanks for sharing.
I love Billy Joel and that is one of my favorite songs. I always find it better to laugh and walk away than to punch someone for being clueless. LOL!
What an amazing rescue story. I hope the teenager doesn't get any more dogs. What a loser.
I agree with all your awards again this month. How could anyone dump a puppy on the side of a road like trash? Shame, shame, shame.
We are proud of Scamp and hope he enjoys his title and the cash prize!
OMG! That is the BEST!! I wish someone would do that to our politicians. Of course, it'd have to be jackasses and pigs but...LOL!
Three cheers for Larry the Cat!!
Your awards are always on point!
OMC! That is hilarious!! I can now comment via Twitter. YAY!!
There are no words to help ease your pain, Yvonne but know that you are in my heart today. Growing up as mother and daughter is never easy but you captured the love, mystery, misunderstandings and acceptance that most of us have endured. My mom turned 87 this spring and I know how lucky I am to still be able to pick up the phone and call her. Your mother has to be so proud of the incredible woman you have become. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2017 on Dear Mom at Lipsticking
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What a beautiful place to walk. Thanks for sharing with us. ☺
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It sounds like a wonderful book and I always choose the ones that make me laugh. Thank you for stopping by the Bayou with your thoughts and POTP. It meant so much to me and truly helped.
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I am so happy that you have another treasure to remember Oscar. It is so hard to say good-bye. I was excited to read your post because I just discovered Andy's Paw Prints yesterday! They do incredible work.
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Mar 16, 2016