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This ia a blog I posted today on Jihad Watch. I wish everyone would listen to the 4 part comentary posted by revolution muslim on Utube. The poeple at revolution muslim represent true Islam and are only expressing that which they are compeled to express as dictated by the koran and the hadith's. Fight-4-Freedom | April 24, 2010 6:11 AM | Reply As I posted yesterday on the article regarding the issue of free speech in the case of the man in Minnesota, the Revolution Muslim group is back at it. They have posted on Utube a 4 part commentary on the justification of their reaction to the South Park episode. There audio posts is a glaring example of why Islam and the free western scocieties will never come to any kind of agreement on peace. Their version of peace as described in the commentary is the complete acceptance of Islam everywhere, otherwise you are insulting Islam and as dictated by the koran are subject to death. While they use the American idea of free speech to their advantage to defend their actions and their continued attempts to convert non Muslims to Isam they state that it does not extend so far as to counter their efforts and that the use of it to as they claim "insult their prophet" or defame their religion is unacceptable. In other words Islam is above free speach. Their 4 part commentary is lengthy and detailed. You can find it here. I find it hypocritical of these true beleivers to claim they are fighting the Imperealism of the United States because of the kiling in Irag and Afghanastan from the comforts and safety of their New York city abodes. This as with all other instances of justification to defend and Impose Isalm in the United State by the use of the right of free speech and liberties afforded them is all to typical. And this time they claim that while "this is not a threat" Matt Stone and Trey Parker will end up dead.
REPLY TO ARAMOS; I agree whole heartedly, but instead of McArthy with Churchill ( cigar and all)!!!
I'll be keeping a close eye on the news sites today. I'm curious as to the response this news will receive.
WOW! Nelson great email. Way to go!!!!!
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Apr 21, 2010
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Apr 21, 2010
WOW!!! This is the fruits of your labors (Pamela and Robert) and long overdue. Bill; I beleive you made the same mistake I did. This is a whole new article and a huge one at that. This is a shining example of perseverance. This is a big brick out of the wall of acceptance by the mainstream media that this site Atlas shrugs, Jihad Watch and SIOA are not "Hate Sites." Theres still a lot of Americans out there who are clueless to Islam and its true goal, and need to know the facts. But today, WE should all be proud of the accomplishment acheived by Robert and Pamela through their tireless efforts for our freedoms
Where did all the post from earlier go?
Great job Pamela and Robert. Time to go national with this ad. Hopefully the victory in Florida will open the gates to other cities that are battling the problem of Islamification. As always I'll do what I can to help in my state.
I was watching O'reilly last night and when this happened I had to laugh. I knew he was gonna get hammered today, as he rightly should. Bills all about the ratings and ultimately the money. I'm suprised he covers anything regarding Islam as all subjects pertaining to Islam are controversial and as he himself admitted he is a coward. Big bad Billy's sweet William Noooooow!!! Ok, maybe not so sweet.
Just watched the interview. Great job Pamela.
One other thing I want to address to the other followers that post on this site. - Our advisaries are monitoring this site and Jihad Watch, keep the hate speech to yourselves. This only gives them (as I was once told) their next headline to their press release. - We are better than they are. - We stand for freedom and the rights of the individual even if we dont always agree (something not afforded in Islamic Sharia lands). - Whatever you post, you cant take back, so think before hitting that post button. - Be smarter than them. Use the system they are ultimately trying to destroy to defeat them. F4F
I beleive the way to fight CAIR is on their level. Create an ad that offers relief to anyone that feels their life is in danger because they want to change or leave the religion they are currently associated to. By doing this you take the thunder from them, they cant complain that this is Islamaphobia or anti-Islam when you are offering a service to help anyone from any religion. Lets face it the only people under threat of death from leaving their religion are Muslims. Ok so you may get a few calls from kids complaining that mom and dad are persecuting them because they make them get out of bed on Sunday morning to go to church. Thats nothing compared to what the Islamic faith requires of its followers. Pam, I can see your frustration as being the leader and director of this site and the constant defense you have to mount because of your passion on these issues, but please "PLAY THE GAME" (I know the instant reaction to that comment infuriates you). Robert recenty wrote an article on me asking him if "TONING" the bus ads down would keep the Islam defending machine of CAIR from stopping them. The reaction on JW was mixed. We all have to realize that it is the responsibility of all of us to inform and educate all out there who really dont understand the evils that this religion (rather political system) promotes (dictates), by taking a (your gonna hate this) a softer aproach we take away CAIRS ability to claim they are being discriminated against. How can CAIR claim discrimination if the ads dont even mention Islam even though the target audience knows exactly what the ad is about and who it is targeting. If CAIR were to complain or make public attempts at stopping these ads they would for all intenets and purposes be admitting guilt. When has CAIR ever came to the defense of another religion? How could they possibly claim they were defending other religions when they themselves post ads on the same busses promoting Islam? God endowed all men/women with free will and in the end freedom will defeat oppression. F4F
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Apr 17, 2010
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Mar 29, 2010