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Yes, Ben, "they" do mean computer science but depending on level and age. No HTML is not CS, but manage to teach that content and presentation are separate, is, Javascript and PHP can be, so, therefore, web services are. It's a fine line which can be walked and many already do.
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Hi Josie, As always you are on the button. It is not a case of either/or, it is the case of both and lets add information technology into the mix too. It is vital that all young people are educated and aware of all these aspects of the technological world. However, I also believe the issue has been with the confluence of these in an unimaginative, but necessary, ICT curriculum delivered between 2000 and 2008/9. The problem was not with the subsequent curriculum which allowed (specialist) teachers far more freedom to explore different areas of the subject. But because of the timing of the last election, this new curriculum was not required to be implemented by all schools. Digital literacy and the functional skills that that knowledge and understanding provides young people is necessary to every part of our lives. Many of us simply want computer science to also be taught and available to young people in schools. Perhaps Mr Gove has only responded to the headline of the various reports he has been provided with?
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Jan 11, 2012