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I think it's actually a good panel. You can't just cherry pick people from one side of the argument or the other, you need fair representation. AT&T and Comcast represent the corporate side, Netflix and Mozilla the opposition, and Disney represents content owners and the perspective of a newbie internet wise. Don't forget that Disney is not only part owner of Hulu but is also experimenting directly with their own online services.
Here's the thing. When people mention the real problem with the postal service (the union) people get all butt hurt. If you like and support unions then you should be the first to hate the power it has over the postal service. I want people to earn a fair wage and have job security. I don't want a fat cat union executive taking part of my paycheck. I also don't want jobs lost because union expenses force companies to either fold or move overseas. The union damaged GM and is killing USPS. Cutting services won't help however. If they were allowed to, which is unlikely, cut Saturday delivery like they want to it would just send people elsewhere. If these closings cause delays that too will send people elsewhere. UPS and Fedex both have made great strides at speeding their times up. The one advantage USPS has is that it's packages move on the weekends where typically UPS locks them in container until Monday. That equals the time out for long journeys that fall near the end of the week. If they lose that then the companies that offer delivery options will have no need to deal with USPS anymore and will simply strike exclusive contracts with one of the two other guys.
I don't recall Barnum saying anything about late fees. Not that Redbox has them. Unlike BB (store, not kiosk) there aren't any tricks to Redbox. I don't understand this deal but I suspect there are terms that we aren't privy to. NCR got out without loosing too much and Redbox must have had some pot sweetening. Most likely access to places that have BB kiosks and probably some hefty discounts on manufacturing. NCR seems like they have given up direct retail and are falling back to their core which is manufacturing. A smart move. Make the machines and let someone else worry about logistics.
The above are really missing the point. Insider trading is illegal. Netflix manipulated the data, according to th suit, to give them time to dump their overly inflatd stock, made the data available to drop the price, and repurchased stock. If this is true it's more than just people who lost money in a fair trade.
I have the counter. The Roku is sluggish and buggy but my PS3 works great. Some have suggested it depends on what model PS3 you have but that doesn't make sense to me.
I could see HBO being the new AOL. Right now they have a few good shows. Otherwise it's other people's content. Once the creative minds behind their content see better days and move on HBO is in trouble.
Getting Hugo is a surprise. The Epix deal is really paying for itself I see because that one is rather big and it's new. Those who say Netflix is only cataloug titles aren't paying attention. However I still liked Starz for it's Disney and Sony content. Disney is somewhat playing along but Sony may be tougher to get. They have Crackle after all and if they deem streaming to be worthy of premium content they'd most likely put it there first.
So the real winner in this is Hulu according the stats. They have comparable subscribers who are content to use the network less. This actually makes sense if you think about it. Hulu's biggest draw is new Tv programing. You get Hulu to keep up with a few shows that you watch each time a new one airs. Netflix is cataloug titles. Then again part of it is that Hulu doesn't know me like Netflix does. Hulu tells me to watch (on devices anyway) what people in general voted on. Netflix tells me to watch what I personally will like.
I for one think they all make too much money. No human being is worth 2 million dollars a year. If they cut their salaries the company would have funds to put into content acquisition. Beyond that I think Hastings needs to stay with Netflix. I get why people want him out. My issue however is that he founded the company. This isn’t a guy elected by the board or someone who took over a long standing company. This is HIS baby. You can’t expect a guy to walk away from his creation. Well you can since he made it public and gave the populace voting rights, but you really shouldn’t.
Actually Gran it does say 95 percent quit. We must assume he meant "95 percent of those who quit" but the wording is off. I still think Netflix made a mistake alienating their DVD customers. DVD by mail will decline naturally and those customers are tomorrows streamers. Never turn away customer money. Netflix is damaged because the CEO is making very poor judgement calls right now and has lost trust with the stock holders and customers alike. How can he possibly think those decisions were good?
Does anyone know the addresses you send the objection to? I think the lawyers are asking for too large a chunk. Then again I think the entire lawsuit is frivolous but if they insist on settling the money should at least go to the plaintiffs themselves.
I really don't get this article at all. BB made money, just not in the last quarter. They are back to loosing money, but announce that at some point they made money, just not now. Obviously the income is from the acquisition. Something got liquidated or licensed out. Now they are back to loosing money and being a drain on the US economy.
Customers always call the shots and always have. The question isn't why is this happening now it's why isn't this happening more often. Why do people complain about banks and stay with them, complain about ticket prices but still go to the movies / games, complain about Netflix / Hulu / Amazon and still subscribe?
So they made money this year, but not this quarter? How did they mess that up, one would expect things to get easier as it gets closer to Xmas. One also has to consider that if the third quarter loss continues that very modest profit will be eaten up easily.
The above post is spam. Isn't there a way to cull the spammers from this board? Maybe we need "report" links on all the replies.
I haven't seen that but I have seen some streams with logo's on them from TV networks. A few episodes of Stargate Atlantis had a logo I didn't recognize. I can try and find which episodes if someone wants to check. I know one was the episode where they find a wraith stranded on a dessert planet with the lightning bugs.
CG - yes, stop using Feedflicks.
The HR people were temps anyway. No company keeps a large HR staff anymore. They hire them at start up then move them to other office jobs or let them go. HR is done on corporate levels now, except when it's outsourced in it's entirety. Hiring is done by other middle managers and benefits are done via internet.
Usage caps will be gone before 2 decades. Either competition or the government will do it within 5 years, I predict the former. 4g is already uncapped where you can get it and as long as fiber and Time Warner hold the line on the home front we can keep caps at bay. Comcast also offers a cap free model for a few dollars more a month.
I thought it was Apple that fired people for no reason. Wasn't someone fired for simply talking to Wasnyak (never could spell his name) about how new Apple products. I mean, he founded the company and he's still an "outsider." Anyway, Seth, even if it's true then usually the CEO is the only one able to make mistakes. That's part of having a job versus being an employer. Reed screws up and he hurts himself. Someone in central receiving screws up and he still gets paid. Reed earned the right to screw up. I just wish he would do it a little less often.
So between Lovefilm, Netflix, and the free BBC replay service; it seems to me like the VDIO experiment is dead before it even gets started.
Really these phising attemps seem more and more lame. Either that or I'm used to them. If your credit card doesn't work neither does your netflix. That and the fact that windows by default hides file extensions so at least 80 percent of the userbase has no idea what a file really is. Executables can have any thumbnail, you need to enable file extensions to be safe. It's easy enough to do, a google search will prove that.
Yet the Roku1 still has no subtitles.
I agree with much of the above. Reed is in his own mind a god. Customer complaints have never mattered before and they don't really matter now. Luckily for him, or perhaps by some skill, he made a product that we all learned to like even if some things we didn't embrace fully. His thinking that we could accept Qwikster however makes me wonder if perhaps he has lost sight of the company or if it was blatant stock manipulation. There is no logical reason to fund resources into a dying company. By splitting them the only end result is lost revenue to Netflix proper.
All that content is on Netflix and Hulu, much of it on both. Amazon is just wasting their money at this point. To get people to switch they'd have to get exclusive content. Right now they are just pandering to the crowd that will keep both, and not very well at that in my opinion since there's no need for both.