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I've been reflecting on the difference between my extended Central Texas family and the South Texas bunch that Cheney hangs with. The difference is OIL. My family's land became valuable because of real estate - location, location, location. The south Texas land has a bunch of oil under it and not much on top except for quail and dove. Hence the connection to Houston. (There is an old joke about the last category 4 or 5 hurricane to hit Texas - it came in half way between Corpus and Brownsville, right over the King Ranch - and it did 30 million dollars worth of improvements. [It really did, since it created some cuts in the barrier islands that the Corps was going to have to dig to help the Laguna Madre water quality]) Mr. Gnome's career has taken him through the oil and gas gang in Houston, so I am familiar with that bunch and the spin-offs from there - the law firms (Baker & Botts) the service companies - Schlumberger and Halliburton, etc. Lots of money, huge egos and machismo. When OIL is no more, these people will be no more unless like some smart ones, they figure out the future things of value and start buying them up. Right now they are fighting tooth and nail to keep oil king. Which is the whole point of the Bush and Cheney administration.
So Jodi, if you read my last post, you will see that some of us love and are part and parcel of the American Farm and Ranch. What we are objecting to and what my grandpa objected to was the folks who didn't NEED the money taking it, or in his case being forced to take it. For the South Texas bunch it has become a form of welfare that they rely and depend on to help fuel whatever it is it fuels. Not that they need it, but the Ag exemptions and tax breaks are important to keeping the land I suppose. P.S. I went to school with Sarita Armstrong and didn't know she was "anybody" until her mother was appointed Ambassador to England I think it was by Nixon. We were all just hippie college kids then.
When I was a wee gnome, I used to sit on the front porch with my great-grandpa and listen to him cuss in German about farm subsidies. When I asked for a translation he explained how the idiotic federal gummit paid him to not grow crops, to just let the fields lie fallow. It was that upstart Johnson he was cussing out, but blamed it on FDR. My grandpa loved ranching and farming. It hurt to not work. When his knees got so bad that he couldn't tend cattle or sheep (at about age 88)he sold off the land that had the creek running through it to keep him from buying livestock at auction. Through our own brand of "line-breeding" (yes, my grandparents were second cousins)that part of my family owned or controlled as much land in Central Texas as the Kings/Armstrongs/Kleburgs do in South Texas. Now most of it is Austin suburbs.
We like it too, Jodi, but we also like Kos and FDL. If you look at the comments you will see that a lot of us here also comment there. We are one community. When FDL does a fundraiser it is to do something specific like fund Plame House, where Marcy and the FDL'rs stayed while blogging the Libby Trial.
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2007 on Ensuring Quality at The Next Hurrah
Sorry Jodi, but most blogs are not in the business of making money as newspapers and television broadcasters are. Hence the conflict that Big Media has with itself. Marcy only has to please herself. Her standards are so exceedingly high that she has attracted regular readers who can generally also tell crap from truth. Along with a few nutters who keep trying to pull her down. ;~]
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2007 on Ensuring Quality at The Next Hurrah
I am glad to see you never give up, Jodi. Good to see you around.