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As over 10 people have suggested eDrawing Viewer, there is no point in suggesting that! It can't be a DraftSight App. because they wouldn't charge for something that is free on the Desktop. So it can only be one thing! As Fielder Hiss dodged around the the question of new platform and mobile App at SolidWorks World 2012 it can only be: The release of SolidWorks V6 (Extra light!!)
As the Current and still reigning SolidWorks World 2011 Internet Correspondent WINNER I know a thing or two about this contest. I encourage you all to enter but I warn you I will not go quietly into the night. I swore an oath when they placed that Tiara gently upon my head (I must learn to read the fine print) that I would defend the honour and principle of the title of the SolidWorks World Internet Correspondent until my dying breath! The body may be aging but I can still cut it in the swimsuit section (no really, you should read the fine print) and of course my legs are still killers in the formal wear section (definitely read the fine print). It’s my complete lack of talent that has always been my weak point. That does not mean that I will simply relinquish my title and not go down without a fight! That’s enough of my silliness! But it was in part my silliness/charm/wit/bribery (or a combination of all) that did indeed allow me to win last year’s contest. Simple put it was one of the greatest thing I could have won! SolidWorks World is a great show, interesting, educational, entertaining & along the way you get to meet some great people! Apart from working me day and night, sweating over a hot computer editing video’s and conducting in depth interviews in various drinking establishment into the early hours of the morning! (Sorry I knew I couldn’t keep that serious writing going for too long) If you are interested these are my posts from SolidWorks World 2011: If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas on what you should write feel free to start with any of these: Don’t make me beg! …….. Alright ……… Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, In your best Marlon Brando impersonation: “I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse!” Look over here! (Waving hands in air) - Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, That's enough hints & help! Let the Battles begin Best of Luck to ALL Michael Lord
Thanks again Anna. One of the additional bonus of attending SWW will be the opportunity to meet yourself & many other I have only known via Twitter. Looking forward to it all
Thanks Basil. I'm excited to be going & hope I can cover the event with a slightly different perspective. I'm extremely grateful to be given this opportunity & can't wait to start the coverage
Have I got the man for! What you are looking for, what you need is a different twist, an international point of view of what you American do, an Australian point of view! Sure we both speak "some" version of English, but our words so often have different meaning. Think of fun that may lead us into! We share so much, I was raised on a diet of US '60's television & can quote "Bug's Bunny" with the best of them. It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) we are great partners in the "coalition of the willing" I promise to talk a little slower (like those in the south - see that will already get me in trouble)so you all can understand me. I promise not to be abrasive in speech (like the east coasters - there goes another demographic). So I just need in get a crack in about our beaches being better than the west coast & I'll have everyone covered! Done. So if you want something a little bit different, something that will standout, something that will say SolidWorks World 2011 was covered with style & grace (ok now I'm starting to stretch the truth) anyway you get the gist of where I'm heading with this. Give me a go, what could possibly go wrong (besides maybe an international incident or two) Thanks Michael Lord
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Nov 15, 2010