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Nutmeg by Clint leads to a chance on goal for Defoe but he volleys it high.
The Deuce will soon be loose.
Admittedly though, that was a great goal.
Hahahahahaha, thanks I needed that.
Slow morning in the Epl, only goal from a Wigan penalty at the moment, barring the destruction of Fulham earlier.
Actually, I believe that attitude of arrogance and utter superiority is the albatross around the regions neck.
Don't think that is a penalty. It seemed that Murphy played the ball, Mikel went down. Only thing I noticed was the ball making contact with Murphy's arm, although I am not sure if that was after Clattenburg blew the whistle.
Ball in the box, LD brought it down, lays the ball off to Gibson at the top of the box and Gibson hit the right corner. May have been a deflection on the way there.
Gibson scores on a layoff from Donovan.
Not sure if Fellaini got any of the ball there, no penalty called though.
Penalty for Fulham, Zamora converts. WOW what a turnaround for Fulham, 0-1 to 4-1 25 minutes into the second half.
Brace for Dempsey!
Deuce is loose!!
OT but is anybody else watching the espanyol match? just came back in the final minutes from 0-2 now 3-2 up on Mirandes. Wow!
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2012 on Must-See Miss: Robbie Findley at Soccer By Ives
And its all over. Guess we had to take a loss sometime. Started out well but Chelsea bounced back to tie and through a stupid mistake by City, converted the PK to win. Think AVB and Chelsea got a bit lucky with this one, considering his tactics.
Just reporting whats happening guys. I agree, the guy is old. But he just converted the penalty and as it stands, Chelsea win because of it. And I am a City fan for those who may want to cry rose colored glasses.
He just got the likely game winner.
To be fair, AVB's job has been on the line and a draw is much better career wise than pushing forward and maybe giving up the game with a man advantage. Also you're talking about Frank Lampard, not exactly a bottom of the barrel player there.
Manchester City continue to lead Bayern at the half 1-0 and it easily could have been more. All City the first 45, looking confident defending and really pushing forward against a Munich defense that seems to be consistently on its back foot.
City absolutely dominating this half. Many, many chances being created, finishing is lacking though.
And Aguero with the chance cleared off the line by Boateng.
Silva with a fantastic goal against Bayern Munchen! 1-0 in the 38th minute.
Deuce with the match winner!
An odd number of non contact injuries in the Villa Manchester Utd match.
So measured responses are frowned upon now? Assuming I am getting what your reply is implying.