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REXON Please can you kindly get to me on Please this is urgent. I apologise for using this media. I had no alternitive. Rene
Saying that Professor Victor Julius Ngoh is NOT a Southern Cameroonian. The name Ngoh should not be taken for a bakweri man. He is an Ewondo man and would be loyal to Ewondo camp than to the Southern Cameroonaisn who study at UB.
Njoh is not a Southern Cameroonian. He is an Ewondo man.
Muki Stonehall Get my greatest grievance with this Fri Ndi of a man. This is a man who went into his first presidential election in 1992 and like every Cameroonian was robbed of victory by Mr Biya. The Fru Ndi man because he was poor at the time, called for ghost town and civil unrest. How the thing died down you and me are still wondering. Along with other opposition parties, he boycotted the next election in October 1997. In October 2004 he participated knowing that the same mechanism that had stolen his and our victory was still there. Muki Stonehall, simple logic has it that if you take a bone from a dog without, giving something delicious in return, that dog would attack you. What was it that was given to Fru Ndi that he would fold his arm and still desire to participate in elections whose results we all know before the elections? I tell you that , the other day Mr Paul came out with ELECAM which Fru Ndi has termed a scandal. Don’t be surprise he calls it a scandal and would participate in election conducted by this scandal. This guy doesn’t care about Cameroonians. He is either dull or he is a thief like Biya. Today, he has to attack SN Tita and he uses the SCNC I grew up in Victory and have lived to see the political sacrifices Mr Tita has made in bettering the lives of Cameroonians. He has risked his own life and even went on exile because of Cameroonians. Then you get this baboon who goes around romancing with the thief in Yaoundé want to paint him black.
Tabeng Tayim alias “ngong dog” I will not want to get into any war of words with you. I will conclude you are a “ngong” dog and expect you to run home with my tail between your legs if you will not proof me wrong. First I am not loyal to any of the factions in the SDF. For me, the SDF died ten years ago. In 1997 I had written in the Herald newspaper that the SDF was not better or different to the CPDM. Starting at the earth quake the SDF had promised to go into parliament to create. But that same period saw the SDF unite with the CPDM to vote Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djirbil as house speaker, a post the idiot has held ever since. What an earth quake indeed. Without getting into the whole lots of misdeeds by the SDF and John Fru Ndi, I want to you learn this. That common sense in politics requires that at the end of given time, political parties should go back to their manifestos and see what projects or aspects of their programs they have not realised. This is some sort of a cross examination. It is expected that at the end, a genuine political party will identify its lapses and sort a different approach in resolving such lapses. The SDF is getting to 20 years with the same mistakes it made on the 26th of May 1992 . The SDF was formed to fight for the miserable lives of poor Cameroonians ;What has the SDF for over 15 years offered? Look Mr “ngong dog” at the launching of the SDF some years ago and within the ghost town period you like me know that six poor miserable Cameroonians were killed while some youths of Bamenda had their arms chopped of by grenade . These youths were fighting for the SDF because they like me thought SUFFER DON FINISH. I want to tell you that these amputated youths are still rooming Bamenda without any assistance from JFN or the SDF. If JFN can not take care of a small few, will he do so for 16 million? Students were killed in Buea, what has the SDF done? Not even a memo!!! Lets tackle it step by step. I wait your reaction from step one ngong dog
Yes Lambi has been axed!!! What about the police who fired at students? This is a situation i thought this follow John Fru Ndi will address to the Prime Minister. But the idiot complains about the SCNC. The SCNC reacted to the killing which the SDF has not done. Whose interest is the SDF serving ?
This FRu Ndi is a thief. He did not write to the PM to lament the killing of poor University Students. Mr Fru Ndi, you are the biggest thief after Mr Paul.
Yes BB, Iya Mbamba Dorothée should be praised even for killing the two innocent students.What puzzles me is the fact that persons like T Ndang and James Wenong can be so blind to see the ills Iya Mbamba Dorothée did to UB.Two Thumbs up BB.