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I just looked at the pricing for my plan (3 DVDs + Streaming). If I want to stay at this same "plan" I'm looking at a $4 increase from 19.99 to 23.98 a month plus taxes. Luckily the new pricing doesn't go into effect for current users until your billing on or after September 1st. That gives me 2 more months to milk Netflix for all I'm paying it and try a new service. I figure I'll give Amazon's unlimited streaming a try for $79 a year.
Mine were all deleted from both queues and then magically reappeared. Then they all got deleted again and put back. As of right now both my queues are back. This is very frustrating. This isn't even the first time something like this has happened to me. About a month ago about 400 of my over 470 instant watch movies were deleted before being put back a few minutes later.
Never mind I just checked again and all the movies are back. Is there a reason they keep messing around with the queues?
This happened to me. I just signed in to Netflix and my instant queue which had over 460 titles in it yesterday now has 29 titles and the majority of those are ones I have already seen and rated. Does anyone know what happened?
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May 24, 2011