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Forgot to mention that a lockout, especially an extended one, REALLY hurts Nashville to the point they'll have a hard time paying Weber.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2012 on Lockout Benefits Flyers at Flyers Nation
I read somewhere that if we traded JVR, Bob, and Read for Nash, the cap hit would only be about +$2.5m of what it is now which isn't terrible (especially with the speculated cap increase from a new CBA). But really, I do NOT want to get rid of Read, he was my favorite rookie and showed incredible promise (really they all did). JVR, Bob, and a 1st should be enough imo.
I agree, if this was Philadelphia, it'd get added to the list of things for national media to bring up every time they talk about our fans, but since it's not let's just brush it under the rug. This is certainly worse than that lone douchebag who puked on the little girl but how many times do we have to be reminded how bad of fans we are because one asshole couldn't hold his alcohol?
The good news is that if we get past the Pens, there's a chance we get Mesz back. At least Grossmann's listed as day-to-day... p.s. Kennedy's hit looks worse.
Gonna be fun embarrassing Pittsburgh on a national stage.
Pro Image at the Neshaminy Mall was selling authentic Reebok jerseys for $30, replicas for $20 (unfortunately they only had DJax, Vick, and Asomugah). I already had a black replica DJax but I got a green authentic just because I couldn't pass up that deal (I waited until after they signed him to his new deal at least). As far as I know, there's still more there, all the way in the back. I personally don't care in the least that I'll have an outdated manufacturer emblem.
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2012 on The New Nike Eagles Jerseys at Crossing Broad
In regards to the Flyers not being as popular, I have a rebuttal. I know it's probably not a great way to judge fandom, but I see just as many Flyers license plate covers and window stickers as I do Eagles/Phillies (and practically no Sixers). So for what it's worth, they're definitely gaining momentum in the city.
While a sales pitch, he's still trying to save people $45, I don't know why people are getting all up in arms on Kyle.
I agree with Adam B, DRC has been a gigantic bust. But really, neither Asante nor Nnamdi have done much better. It sucks we lost Nate Allen again, I felt like he was finally starting to get back to where he was before getting injured last year. Oh well, at least the Flyers are doing well.
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2011 on Bird Droppings: Typical at Crossing Broad
I'm sure it'd be real fun to go, but I feel like most seats wouldn't be able to see the ice very well. It'd probably be better at the Linc where the seats are more vertical and would contour around the ice.
Much better than the bootleg ones, I thought those were hideous. Like someone else said, the Flyers don't exactly have throwbacks since they're skating in jerseys very similar to what they wore back in the 60s.
It'd be nice to have been able to keep him, but at the same time I really like the return we got for him.
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2011 on Mike Richards Returns at Crossing Broad
The o-line could use some work, but they're giving him time, he's just taking too long getting rid of it. Regardless, there should have been a couple flags for late hits. The one bright part of the game was Shady McCoy. He's proving that he's one of the best RBs in the league. Probably the most frustrating part of the game was our red zone offense. First the turnover (he's GOT to catch that), then 4 failed rushing attempts from the 1 yard line. I commend Reid for sticking with the run, but sometimes you gotta change it up a little. Give it to McCoy to take to the edge or something since running up the middle failed 3 times. And seriously, how much longer is Casey Matthews going to be on this team?
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2011 on Bird Droppings: Hand Job at Crossing Broad
If nothing else, he should understand why the Santa incident bothers Philadelphia fans so much. He's also gotta realize that, even though in retrospect it might be obviously edited, initial viewing made it sound like he was agreeing with Mohr and "that black guy". He could have come on and stated his case without being so defensive. Also, who sends emails like that? I can barely stand that kind of grammar on forums and texting.
I got McCoy at #10 last night (Brady, Brees, and Rodgers all went in the first), I think he's in for a big season, especially with all the dumping he gets due to our shaky O-line.
First we lose 97.5 The Hawk to sports radio and now WYSP? Come on, with all the terrible stations on the air, is it really necessary to take down one of the two rock stations in the area?
I think asking the guys to give up drinking for the playoffs is a reasonable thing to ask. Or at least make it so they can only do it if there's 3+ days in between games (so they can at least party a little after winning a series). However, asking them to give up alcohol several times for a month at a time seems somewhat unreasonable.
My first thought was Mike Missanelli. He can be such a douche and disguise it as being a sports radio jockey. He rails on people for being dead set in their opinions but then won't waver on his own regardless of the argument. I never understood why he had to be such a prick to Bruno every chance he had, but I wouldn't want to stand for that myself. Anyways, Bruno will be missed.
Oh well, we still have Dan Carcillo's Moustache on Facebook.
She looks like a man and he's making the duck face...
J.T., I've felt the same way. Having a goaltender who can steal a game can be a HUGE momentum boost for a team. I'm not saying that the defense didn't suck it up against Boston, but having to come back from 2 or 3 goals every game has got to be exhausting both physically and mentally. I'd love to see Bob be the future of this franchise if he can have the proper training/mentorship. He's still young enough to be malleable and Bryz could be his sculptor. But as many have said, Carter probably shouldn't be the one to go. Versteeg is a decent player (not great, but decent), but he just never seemed to click with this team. Getting rid of him really wouldn't be a big loss.
Yeah, I don't understand why he thinks wearing orange and not holding management accountable are the same thing. The sea of orange gets the guys on the ice pumped up and can be intimidating to an opposing team. I'm certain that just about every person wearing on of those orange shirts was pretty angry at the management for all the crap that got screwed up over the course of the 2nd half of the season.
Yeah, I fail at reading. Sorry about that. It's Tuesday morning, give a man a break :p
Looks like Giroux to me, not Bobs.
I agree with Bobby Mac. As amazing as JVR has been, this was too much of a stretch to make it work.