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This is very despicable and a little disgusting. Turns sports figures into hookers. Not cool at all.
A Giants fan had a barstool thrown at him in the Victory Beer Hall last night. Might be our artist.
Why in the blue hell would she post this shit. Doesn't she have any kind of self respect? Like jesus christ, what a white trash Shittsburghian. How's she gonna feel when one of those players beats her precious Penguins in the playoffs sometime in the future? Good god... What a stupid stupid girl.
I don't like this guy. His tweets are despicable. I hate this years Eagles so much that it hurts...
correction to the above comment, meant to say: consider you got drafted by the Penguins
Honestly dude, I love your blog, but I think the headwear stories have run their course. Who cares what hat anybody wears? If a Ranger was wearing a Phillies hat, I wouldn't doubt you'd be a hypocrite, put it up here and commend the player for wearing it. Also these little backhanded comments towards players of our teams are also beginning to run their course. Get some new material to write about. Bitching about what hat Mike Richards wore this week, and talking shit on your favorite teams players is at this point just a dick move. There are thousands of people who wear sports memorabilia from a wide variety of teams, who gives a shit if these guys do? They are regular people like us and they do not have to show support for the other teams in our area if they don't want to. Consider this. You're a really good, young hockey player who's been obsessed with Philadelphia sports teams his whole life. You just got drafted to the Pittsburgh Pirates. What hat are you gonna rock, a Pirates or a Phillies hat? I thought so. Like I said I generally love your work and everything I just commented on above, I used to enjoy. But at this point you are recycling the same stupid stories over and over. If it isn't the hat on Richard's head, it's the douche bag demeanor of Jeff Carter. Just stop man.
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Apr 29, 2011