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Tylenol is not still taught as an example of crisis communication. My example of crisis communication was the BP oil spill. We analyzed techniques to respond to a massive crisis like that.
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"If you ask those remaining ten people how many have that financial statement laid out in a pro forma goals format for one, three, five, ten and twenty year periods, nine of the people will sit down. The one still standing will be a millionaire.” Because of, I have a very clear view of my assets and liabilities. I like to look at my net worth graph. However, I don't believe in pro form goals for 1, 3, 5, 10, and 20 year periods. Billionaire Mark Cuban is the opposite of anal retentive [anal laxative] and he still made it. He worked at something that consumed him and that he enjoyed.
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At my school, you could be taught AT the high school with your normal teachers, but they would have further training from the Advance College Project of Indiana University. I didn't sign up because you had to pay IU tuition. Putting that on top of the $14,000/year that my private school cost was not something I felt I needed to do. Instead I went and took 10 AP exams. I began college last semester as a junior.
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Mar 10, 2010