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Funny, I have to encourage my son to sleep in most of the time. He's up by 7 if I let him.
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I wasn't even aware viewing porn in libraries was somehow protected. Why would anyone in their right mind want to watch something like that in public?
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My 8 year old and I have been talking about this lately. Part of our challenge is time - another challenge in Florida is heat. It's very close to being too hot to ride bikes before, like 8pm now. I'm going to go check out the original article because we are planning on doing a bike riding lesson (in a soft, grassy field) in the coming week or so!
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Wow, that's a great idea!
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Haha cute! I used to do this with my son and he's 8 now. I had that exact same baby tub you have pictured too!
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Mar 2, 2011