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Sharon Preiss
New York, New York
Independent Bookseller for Special Events
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Though "Bitterness" may, in some instances, stand alone as a definable condition, most likely it's linked to a larger illness or dysfunction. Alcoholics, for example, are warned in their primary text that "resentment [read: bitterness] is the number one offender." It underlies the alcoholic's rationalization for drinking -- ie: you'd drink too if such-and-such happened to you -- and can be eliminated or at least lessened through AA's combination of group support, talk therapy, and personal spiritual growth. But the necessary predecessor to this "psychic change," as it's called, is putting down the drink. Without that, little change can happen. And so it seems "Bitterness" needs to be looked at in a more holistic way, as many medical doctors are loathe to do.